You've got to be kidding me

  1. A neighbor of my mom's back home is having a purse party tomorrow night and sent my mom an invite. And I told her NOT to go!! All the bags they sell are fake and they will eventually get caught. So my dumb dumb of a mother went and told them that and the neighbor replied "It's okay, because my dad's a cop and he knows ways around it."

    WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!! :wtf::wtf::wtf::wtf:
  2. oh so it is ok to do something illegal if u no the way around it???? did ur mom buy anything?
  3. no, she was going to go until I said something to her..... i just hope she doesn't change her mind last minute eww
  4. Oh wow. People never cease to amaze me!
  5. LMAO wow, some people are totally stupid. My dad's a cop but that doesn't mean I try to find ways around the law!!! Okay well MAYBE if I get caught for speeding but that never happens so there!!
  6. I went to one purse party. It was terrible! People were buying three or four purses (at about $100-$150 each) claiming they were such a "great deal!" Geez....for that amount, go get yourself one real one! I will NEVER go to one of those parties again!
  7. Don't they claim the bags they sell are real? That's illegal and how can anyone feel good about selling fake bags as real to people who don't suspect anything?
  8. I think they use the "inspired by" or "designer replica" phrases to get around the legal issues. Makes me sick to my stomach......
  9. I honestly cannot understand why anyone would want to wear a fake bag. I've heard arguments for - one of the managers of the townhouse we're moving to was proud of her fakes, because "she saved money and no one can tell".

    I want to scream at these people, LOOK:

    First of all, buying a cheaply made fake of a designer saves you nothing. Cheaply made is cheaply made. I've bought department store brands for less than your fake bag cost that lasted for FIVE YEARS and were still usable, if a bit worn, when I changed bags!

    Second, fake bags do not lend you a touch of the luxury of the real thing. They are still fake, and plenty of people will know. So now you're not a XXX brand wearing high-flier, you're a purchaser of illegal counterfeit goods and a law-breaker. Congrats.

    Third, to all those folks who like to moan about the price of designer bags and how "the companies are to blame for jacking up prices"...welcome to capitalist America, where the market will expand to whatever it will bear. Companies sell for profit, see. It's kind of the backbone of the system. And they can charge whatever they want! If no one buys their products, they go out of business. And you know what? Last time I checked, Hermes (for example) was doing just fine.

    Okay, the whole counterfeit thing pushed a button :smile:. Preaching to the choir, I know!

    But it does feel better to let it out...
  10. It's okayy. :flowers: But I sure do agree about buying/wearing a counterfeit purse. :yucky:
  11. ICK!!! Welcome home, BTW!!! How was your trip? Did you see ALOT of Goaches like I did???!!!!
  12. My friend just went to one--she bought that totally fake Coach patchwork with the hanging letters across the front that spell Coach. I was like "uh...."--she said "I can get you one and it's only $90!" so the purse parties aren't cheap! I'm glad your mom didn't buy one! I told her that for maybe $50 more she can go to the outlet and buy a REAL one!!!

  13. :throwup:EWWWWW!!! I saw a lady with one about 2 weeks ago, the bag was HIDEOUS!!!!!!!!!!
  14. why don't you call the police re: the party (anonymously) or report ot secret service or something?
    I've heard of police raids on these types of parties!

    If nothing else, print out sheets of paper as to why counterfeit bags are bad (see the numerous threads here for tons more info) and stick them on the windshields of all the cars at the purse party!
  15. When I used to work, one girl would bring in a huge garbage bag full of fakes once a month and everyone would go into an office and close the door at lunchtime and go nuts!! They always called me in to look at "how good these fakes are" as they knew I was the Coach girl. They even went so far as to ask people who had Coach boxes at home to bring them in and one lady gave her daughter a "signature wallet" in a real Coach box for Christmas! I just kinda said "oh, yea..." a lot - hard to get on a soap-box when you have to work with the people every day, but I never bought anything, and one of my friends told me they would say I was a snob after I left because I never bought anything.