you've got money burning a hole in your pocket...what do you do?


what would you buy?

  1. keepall 50 or 55

  2. framboise wallet

  3. video IPOD

  4. clothes

  5. save it silly until you find something you can't live without!

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  1. right now my wishlist consists of a keepall 50, a framboise wallet, or a 60gb video ipod...none of them are very practical for me and none of them are a burning desire...more of a wouldn't that be nice to have kind of thing. i've pro-ed and conned, i've waited months, i've hemmed and hawed at the term is over, i did really well, i'm going to the city on thursday AND i sold my car last month...the extra money is KILLING ME!!! :biggrin:

    help me decide!

    keepall: pro -- my luggage is falling apart. i need to replace it. why not with LV? heh. con -- we don't travel often at ALL. for 50 weekends out of the year this will live in my closet. how sad. :cry: besides, in the words of my husband "the nike duffle works just as well!" blech, but true.

    wallet: pro -- it's pink! and i need a new wallet. mine is unravelling. seriously. con -- my husband has told me nicely that even though it's my money to do with as i please, he would prefer i not spend it on a 500 dollar wallet. it's vernis so it will get beat up. my husband prefers i not buy a 500 dollar wallet. oh yeah, and did i mention my husband prefers i not buy it? and that he asked nicely? :shame: :smile:

    ipod: pro -- they're neato! i could keep tv in my pocket! con -- i only listen to music when i'm driving...and that's only about 20 minutes a day at most. i can't really think of many other uses for it...but i still want one. :love: :smile:

    i also have some wardrobe needs to attend teeshirts mostly. i suppose i could use it for that. but that's boring. :cool:

    what would you do (edit) if you were me?
  2. personally.. i'm on a savings only plan. i mean, i still window shop here and there, but i am currently saving for a new car, so for me personally, any "extra" money goes into savings.
  3. ooh i hear that! but i did all my car saving last summer (yay for hefty downpayments). i don't have anything i need to save for right now...even my rainy day fund is taken care of...that's the problem. i'm SO not used to not having anything to save's totally throwing me off. :upsidedown:
  4. i've voted for the keepall! i mean... you might not travel loads now... but its always good to have it on hand - just in case! good luck with what you decide!
  5. i dont tink you should buy anything i mentioned. because u basically talk your self out of it on each one. if you need a new wallet then get one you love. other than that keep it aside and just wait till something great comes along.
  6. definitely save it for something you seriously want or need. it'll come, just be patient. :smile:
  7. dont get the video ipod the screen is way too small, the newer ipod should be comming out soon and the screen is double the size! the clickwheel is digitalized
  8. Buy real estate? :flowers: Or put it into your 401K or IRA? Just a thought.
  9. yea.. that's what i would do if i saved enough for everything already.. might as well save for old age.
  10. Save it!??!? Who are these women, and what have they done with the REAL PFer's??? LOL :roflmfao: jkkkkkk
  11. Save.. for the fabulous fall bags !
  12. Buy some clothes !!! (sorry for all the Bag lovers that we are) treat yourself with a new wardrobe !! The keepal will only be out when you go travelling whereas good fashion....and it can last for years, worth investing !
  13. keepall 50.
  14. save up - for something like.... a BIRKIN!! haha just joking.. But really, it seemed like you should save up this money for when you truly see something MAGICAL, MINDBLOWING, and MONEYBLOWING-worth

    Why not?
    the ipod = will go out of date because a new - yes digitised click wheel ipod with the whole ipod being the screen - is coming out soon.

    the wallet = husband not liking wallet. Also - as you said - vernis - gets beaten. Also, pinks not a color that looks good when dirty.

    Keepall = I'd buy it, since I travel quite a bit - but you said it might stay in your closet for most of the year. Not a great investment.

    that's my reasoning. Also - its fun and also challenging to watch your piggy bank get bigger - more rewards for the future!
  15. i would save it until you find something you really like and not something that you can live with but not love ..

    the problem with me is that i always seem to find something that i just have to get .. and i seem to not be able to live without a lot of things .. which explains the hole in my pocket ..

    but i would wait .. till you find something you absolutely love and can't live without. and not just end up with something you bought because you kinda like it .. and because you just wanted to buy something ..