"You've got a package for you from Hong Kong..."

  1. My stuff from let-trade arrived :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

    Haha I just woke up and in my bathrobe but I'm still excited as anything!!!
  2. Whatcha got :confused1:
  3. Oooh yay do show pics!
  4. How do you reduce picture sizes? Mine's too big to upload!!!!!:hysteric: :crybaby:
  5. Congrats! I'll wait for pics...

    Normally I reduce the size of the file by uploading on photobucket.com (there are different options on how big you want your picture to be). Then I re-download the new sizes and upload here.
  6. What is it? I love LT! :heart:
  7. Oo:huh:o:huh:...lovely way to wake up in the morning! Pics please!!
  8. Thanks bernz84~!

    Ok ok...I received 4 bags:P

    What do you think I got?
    lt1.jpg lt2.jpg lt3.jpg
  9. Oh, no, you crazy girl! 4 bags? Hurry hurry I want to see!
  10. What is it? Grr! Hehe.
  11. Aawww, no pics. I want to see.:hysteric:
  12. Ohh four bags! Exciting! I am soo bad at guessing though!
  13. I keep checking here. Where is it? LOL.
  14. me wanna seeeeee
  15. I'll break it down for everyone ;)