You've converted me.....

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  1. Since becoming a member of tpf I've really been converted. I used to be highstreet through & through but the past couple of weeks I've been feeling a little flush & have been hitting the shops, I've looked for a bag in all my usual shops - but their rubbish, they all look so tacky. I need something fairly big but still stylish. Everywhere I've looked the material is really cheap looking, the bags that are a decent quality are really frumpy. I did find a bag I sort of liked which was a good quality leather was from topshop - it was over £100 pounds. I cant bring myself to pay that much for a bag from TS, highstreet is meant to be cheap & cheerful, something you take to oxfam at the end of the season.

    Iain has said I should get a Mulberry, he hates that i wear cheaper brands, he thinks I should spend more money on myself.
    I have been having a looksie at Mulberry, watch this space.........

    The main thing putting me off is my neighbour has one, in a really dark brown & shes such a frumpy moody cow, dont want her to think i'm copying.
  2. Easy - don't get one in brown!
    Have fun choosing.
  3. I like the light brown. At least she didnt spoil that for me.
  4. Oak is great - which style do you like?
  5. Just remember - you get what you pay for! At least with paying more money on Mulberry you get fantastic Leather that lasts a lifetime, great design, classic style and nothing 'chavvy'!

    The Oak is a great, neutral colour but as you will see from the photos on this sub-forum, they do some lovely colours too.

    Have fun choosing and don't forget the outlets have good price reductions too.
  6. Yep I would second the Oak, its fantastic! The chocolate is lovely too, but if it has negative connotations for you then maybe give it a miss?! What kind of style/shape/size are you after? we can help you decide!
  7. Tell us and we'll surely help you decide or push you over the edge!!!:P:roflmfao:
  8. Ian sounds like a sweetie! Hope he feels the same when your addiction has really taken hold!!!

    There's lots of pretty summer colours in the outlets, and as others have said the oak is lovely if you don't want to be like moody with her choc.

    Whatever, you can have great fun choosing and the girls here have honest and sensible advice... I've had my mind opened to all sorts since I've been reading these posts.

  9. Iain is not a sweetie he is my brother!!!

    Told you told you told you!!! Hoigh Street my bum
  10. Christine, Have you been eating too many fizzy sweets today?
  11. :bagslap:

  12. Not at all. Just stating the facts!:yes::yes:
  13. Hi Whippet,

    Yeah Iain is really sweet.
    He keeps asking me what bags I like, what their names are & what colours I prefer. I've told him i'd want to see & feel any bag before i buy as i think he was planning on supprising me.
  14. Oooh, if my DH showed that much interest, I'd be worried. A man never needs to know too much about bags & certainly not what they cost! Far better to keep him in the dark, I reckon.
  15. Eh?? Fizzy sweets??? Whats all that about then??