1. I can't watch anything from there at home. Is it because of my internet connection? I just bought a brand new computer and still can't wait it. It will plays for a few second and then stop.

    What should I do?

  2. Try reloading? Some videos need you to reload the page. Or sometimes, some videos just don't work.
  3. I have noticed this, too, when I tried to watch a few videos, but it always used to work just fine for me. Maybe they are having some technical problems?
  4. It will play for a few seconds and then stopped for awhile and then play again for a few more. Maybe it has to do with my internet connection...mine is dial-up.

    Do I need to have DSL to view it?
  5. I use airport, and I have the same problem as you. Hope it works!
  6. If you have dial up then it's probably that that's making it stop. Otherwise I'm not sure, sorry!