YouTube: Nick Lachey Serenades Vanessa Minillo

  1. Cute! I really like them as a couple.
  2. I like him alot. I think the biggest mistake Jessica made was leaving him.
  3. OMG that was IncredIbLe! what is he singing to her??!
  4. I know - I couldn't understand a word he was saying but it was hot!
  5. awww that's sweet. :heart:
    He seems like such a romantic guy.
  6. AWWWW i love Nick, he is such a cutie, i also think Vanessa is adorable
  7. he is such a nice guy.....jess really screwed up....oh well at least she can hang out with her dad now....heheheheh
  8. Ditto to everything. JS will be kicking herself forever. That's what you get when you're a grown woman and you allow your father to dictate every detail of your life.
  9. I swear to god, that man is fine.
  10. Ohhhh Nick, come serenade me anytime you feel like it! :love:
  11. I completely agree. I'm not a huge fan of his music or anything, but he's always come across as a decent person. Jess probably wanted to sow her wild oats.

    Vanessa and Nick seem so happy together. I can't help but be happy for the both of them. :yes:
  12. They are so cute together! That has got to hurt her (JS) to see this!!!
  13. I agree with all of you ladies about Nick! I have followed their reality show and just admired Nick thru and thru... Vanessa is a lucky gal. Nick is such a sweetheart, I want him for myself, lol.
  14. Couldn't say it better.