Youtube Demands My Cell Phone Number

  1. Every time I logged in to youtube in the past they bothered me with something they want me to read and do. I can't give exact details because I never paid any attention to it. I just hit the back button to evade it. This time, however, they asked me for my cell phone number. I decided to evade this by hitting the back button as I had in the past. Then I found I was no longer logged in. I tried to log in again but was greeted with a message like "oops, something went wrong" blah, blah. I tried a 3rd time but to not avail.

    So, apparently, if you don't provide youtube and google with your personal details so they can pimp them out to corporate advertisers they won't let you have a youtube account anymore. Does anyone else think this sucks?
  2. Sounds about right. Yahoo is doing that foolishness too. I think if you open a gmail email account (with just your first and last name and a secondary email) you can access youtube without any problems.

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