YouTube Beauty Guru drama

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  1. Man, I can't believe there isn't a thread for James Charles vs. Tati vs. J* vs. everyone else!

    Is anyone up for some discussion?
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  2. it's crazy! i doubt james can ever come back from this properly lol he'll be deceased like manny and laura leech. But also has anyone seen J's pink vault collection?! his bags are insane :nuts:
  3. I don’t usually follow any of them but I did watch Tati’s video and then James’ then a few others, and I come down on Tati’s side

    And in watching those, I saw Jeffree’s Vault video and OMG. Bag heaven. I’ve never seen so many high end bags in my life. What a dream, a beautiful dream. I hope he uses those bags once in a while. Well maybe not all of them, I guess a couple are too valuable. But it’s a shame they sit in a vault. A luxurious, gorgeous, beautiful vault, but still all alone.

    Do you think the security guard has to sit there all day, or was that for the video? I mean, a regular dude isn’t going to enjoy being alone in a cold pink closet surrounded by handbags all day every day. :lol:
  4. I do too, though with a bit of hesitation because like... would you have done all this if he'd supported your vitamins? The man is a literal predator and you were ok with it for how long??
  5. Can anyone summarize the drama?
  6. My friend Audrey, who loves makeup and is an avid consumer of YouTube videos, told me to look this up. Frankly, I know nothing about so-called "influencers" and other YouTube "celebrities" so I was at a loss. She pointed me to some of these videos and I fell into the rabbit hole... :eek::facepalm::lol: I probably wasted two hours of my Sunday watching videos by Tati, James Charles and others... What is happening to me? LOL
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  7. Just wait 'til Youtube recommends videos that you never thought you would watch..
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  8. :lol:
  9. I stay away from anything involving that racist POS Jeffree S****. I unfollowed Tati awhile back when she told everyone how great that racist POS Jeffree is and that people, specifically black women need to give him another chance just because he gave a fake apology.

    She's as fake as him and had James supported her pills, we'd hear nothing about any of this drama.
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  10. Nothing is 100% black and white, only perception by the viewer is absolute. I don't follow Tati, but I have seen several of her videos. I know of JC, but I've never seen any of his videos, nor do I follow him on anything.

    With JC, I don't think there's anything to add that hasn't been meme'd, said, dissected, that isn't new. Just from the few clips I've seen of him interacting with his friends, and his "taking back his Tati apology" snapchat, he's not a simple or humble person.

    If I was interviewing Tati, I'd ask her:
    • Just like @mrsinsyder said, if he'd valued their friendship more and not made a deal with Sugar Bear vitamins, btw, separate issue with this name and JC's demo of young kids, would Tati have aired out dirty laundry out? She said in her video that she's used to hear JC bash other YTbers in beauty community, b/c she asked him "why did you feel the need to do or say that?" That, plus the fact that he feels entitled to come down on Marlena of makeupgeek, want to do a docu exposing the beauty comm, makes him an altogether persona non grata in my book, yet Tati continues to keep him in her inner circle (due to her forgiving heart). The sexual predator behaviors are just the last straw she said. Yet it took the Coachella situation with her #1 competitor to trigger her emotional IG snap, and then the bye sister video? None of his other actions and words spoke of his integrity and how you might want to distance yourself? No one is telling you to kick him out completely, but be wary of those you keep so close. Maybe that's why you're saying you're scared of a 19 y.o?
    • If you were really trying to act like his "mom", there'd be no way your "kid" would have continued to behave this way. It's b/c you're not his mom, but a friend/mentor whatever, that was more useful to him professionally, that you're hurt b/c in your mind's eye, you were more than that. Btw, t understand the concept of being a parent who's a best friend of your children. How can you be disciplining them when you're their bff? In any case, I think she failed on that. Totally agree though that JC's mom is remote parenting and leveraging Tati's proximity and closeness to keep an eye out on her kids, so she needs to do exactly what Tati said. stop liking IG comments that shade Tati, and go to your children.
    Bottom line, Tati does not come out 100% smelling of roses for me in this. She said her DH had concerns about her hanging out w/ a (back then) 17 y.o. Well, he was right. Tati said you don't get to where JC is without being a manipulator, but with all that he's become in the years since she introduced him on her channel, she didn't assess his change through his actions? People may equate her to be the winner and JC the loser b/c it's easy to reduce something like this to just good vs bad. If I had to choose, then yes, Tati executed this in a way that not only makes her the obvious "good" choice, and also preempts any wannabes from JC's squad from getting in front of a camera and spreading lies.

    This is one more thing that makes me despise this age of social media and influx of influencers.
  11. The waiter speaks!

  12. They're in the business to make money and some of them like Tati make a small fortune. It's all marketing and we should never trust anything they say.

    I think JC will still have his young fans. They're blindly loyal, just as the K's have their blindly loyal fans.
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  13. My 13 year old said this was the talk of the school today.

    She's actually a little bummed out because we just bought JC tickets, and now she has mixed feelings.
  14. Can you get a refund if she decides not to go?
  15. He's lost 3 million subscribers since this whole thing went down. I wonder if it will continue.
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