YouTube ad_FAKE LVs!!!!

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  1. :yucky:I am so disgusted by this commercial on YouTube! I am sharing this to all of you to ask for your help to report it to YouTube management!

    Footnote on the Video Description:
    Video Description

    We carry all your favorite name brand designer bags at INCREDIBLE PRICES and HIGHEST QUALITY Guaranteed! Nobody will EVER know it is a replica ... Unless you tell them! Please email us today at xxxxxxxxxxxx (more):cursing:
  2. i dont think you;re allow to link it.. *not too sure. ;)
  3. Ugh, that's terrible. I posted a comment urging people not to buy counterfeits from this vendor nor anyone else for that matter.
  4. Thanks, Lorihmatthews. This is unfair for all of us splurging our hard earned money for the REAL LV!:hysteric:
  5. there are other videos advertising fakes. like or something. my goodness!! Ray Charles could see they were fakes.

    LMAO @ the "high quality" replicas
  6. this forum is for questions only please.
    I removed the e-mail address, no need to provide advertising free for them.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.