Yours opinions needed ~ a possibly stray kitten

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  1. Hi Ladies (& Gents), just needed some advice.. I saw this black kitten (around 6-7 months old) walking around in my neighborhood this afternoon from my kitchen window. I have never seen him before and I noticed that he hasn't got a collar on. So it got me thinking whether if he is a stray or just that his owner allow him out walking around without one on?? :wtf:

    I am quite worried about him, as I live off very busy streets. I went out and looked for him about 1/2 hour later, and he was nowhere to be found. So what are your opinions, is he likely to be a stray?

    Your opinions are greatly appreciated!! TIA :heart:
  2. Sounds like a stray :sad:
  3. Sounds like he (or she) may be a stray.
  4. A stray take him to a na kill shelter or go to craigslist and see if anyone posted a lost cat.
  5. definitely sounds like a stray... I hope you can help him/her
  6. i think he's a stray
  7. sounds like a stray. please scoop it up next time you see him/her and keep him safe. i never let my tom cat out of my sight when he was that age and i dont live anywhere busy. i think they are too young to go out at that age unless its in their back garden. i hope you see the kitten again i am worried now!
  8. :sad: I hope kitty is okay
  9. Thank you all for your advice! :heart:

    I didnt manage to get a glimpse of that little kitten today, as I was out most of the day. However I did ask around to see if anyone has seen him today, and the answers I got were No. I also let them know that I am looking for that little guy, and they will let me know if he is around. If I see him again and am sure that he is a stray I will be taking him in, and taking him to the vet for a checkup, injections etc etc, and will see where we go from there. I do hope that he has a good home, if he doesn't then it must be fate, I will consider having him as my 2nd baby or help him to find a good home.

    Thanks again for your advice, and prayers and best wishes are definitely needed for this kitten! Thanks again! :heart:
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    It's very hard to say after only one sighting if he is a stray. My cats are strictly indoor and don't wear collars so that is really not a deciding factor as the little guy could have a home but got out somehow.

    Thanks for looking out for the little guy and I hope all goes well. Please keep us updated.
  11. sounds like a stray, i hope he/she was okay :sad:
  12. I agree with bnjj. No collar doesn't necessarily mean he's a stray. My cats have never worn collars, and one accidentally got out once. It's good of you to be worried and keep a lookout, but even if you see him again and rescue him, it would be a good idea to post "Found Kitty" flyers/photos in your neighborhood, just in case. When my one got out, I was worried sick and very lucky a neighbor took him in... I was on vacation and had a friend pet sitting and she didn't notice him slip out somehow. Sometimes things happen.
  13. thread is from 2008....kitty would be 8 years old by now :smile:
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  14. LOL. I hadn't noticed that.