Yours is real, hers is fake: Awkward?

  1. Someone posted something about this in an earlier thread and I'm dying to hear some responses. What do you do when you find yourself in close quarters with someone carrying a fake? Do you ignore it? Give her a weird look? Go into a whole big Kabuki thing where you look at her, then look at her bag, then look at your bag, then look at her bag, then look at her, etc. etc.? Does anyone here actually SAY something? What if she makes first contact, like, "Aren't these great?"
    This happens to me on the subway a lot, where the normal order of things is to pretend no one else exists anyway. But once it happened in an elevator and the woman started talking really loudly about how great it was to own luxury goods and how she wouldn't want anything low-end. So weird--was she making fun of ME for having the real thing? Trying to convince me hers was real (it was so bad, even my husband commented on it)? What do y'all do in situations like this????????
  2. I would have had to say, "Well,if you hold yourself to such HIGH standards, why are you carrying a fake bag? And an OBVIOUS one at that!" There was a girl who wandered into my salon last night looking like trailer trash and carrying a BAD fake Chloe' and while trying to help her out I couldn't help but stare at her obnoxious bag! Then when she left I almost vomited! I just kept saying, "OMG, did you see that crappy bag?? eeewwwwww......I wouldn't be caught DEAD!" I felt bad but I almost couldn't even help the girl. hehe I sent her down the road to another salon. But then on the other hand there was a lady the day before with the most glorious Hermes bag and I almost drooled on the damn thing!

    Yeah, TPT was a little out of place when she came into the salon!
  3. I don't comment at all, unless forced somehow. I don't like strangers commenting on my bags (especially not when it comes to the prices etc.) so I try to keep that in mind before commenting on somebody elses bag. But, I haven't been in a situation like the one you described, so hard to say until it actually happens, I guess.
  4. Usually I do not comment, as far they do not say anything.I do not try to educate ignorant people.
    The thing is here many girls even do not know they carry a fake, I mean they do not even know it was initially created by some designer. I knew myself girls who would carry a fake Paddington, for instance, and they even did not know such designer as Chloe exists! They just think they buy some mice bag in the market.
    But, if someone would say something about me and my bag, I'd definitely respond!
  5. I agree, a lot of people I know don't know what a Chloe is, and they see a pretty bag with a padlock and buy it.

    If someone was being obnoxious about it I would say something.
  6. unless the stranger starts commenting that her fake is a real purse and my real one is fake, i'd just keep quiet.
  7. I'd like to know where some of you live that you receive such rude comments....LOL. Really, I've never come into contact with such people and I'm not such a person. I'd never think once about commenting on someones personal belongings....don't care if they are real or fake and don't care if someone thinks mine are real or fake because I know mine are REAL 100%.
    I'd ignore the person---I honestly probably wouldn't even notice. I buy what I buy for myself...not for others and I do hope others buy what they want for themselves and not for me..... so there should be no problem.;)
  8. I agree--- I haven't been in that situation ever but I'm sure I would ignore the person particularly if they were just being rude and ignorant. I don't waste time on such people...
  9. likewise!
  10. I would not comment. What I do with my money is no ones matter and what she does with her money is not my business also :smile: So if she chooses to buy fakes, its her choice i guess.
  11. LMAO! :roflmfao:

    Fortunately that never happened to me. Like someone said, I don't really see fakes (apart from LVs), more designer-inspired bags... It pisses me off but I'm just glad I have the real deal because it makes me happy. I shouldn't care about other people's business.

    I'm more pissed by super fakes than by plastic LVs in crazy colors :p
  12. I don't usually make any comments I just look and my jaw drops. I SO hate fakes..
    but if the person ever got rude then I'd give it to them for sure.
  13. i would ignore it :p
    i'm not going to be a snob person who'll boast on my authentic bags and preach about not buying fakes :p
  14. If someone was rude to me about it, then i might say something. If not, I wouldn't say anything about their fake bags.
  15. If someone were rude to me, I would say something. Otherwise, I actually think it'd be a little obnoxious to point out a fake. Most people can't afford the real thing. I might be more understanding though because I'm younger and some of my friends carry fakes.