Yours For Only ...$30,000!!!lol!

  1. [​IMG]
    Talk about an overpriced handbag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!CROCODILE!!!?NOT worth it to me..What do you think!
  2. For that price... I'm going to go look in the Hermes thread :biggrin:
  3. EXACTLY!!!
  4. That is the price of a freakin car - NO WAY!!
  5. Yeah right?!!!! Like Lyn said better to look at the Hermes thread!
  6. I think I rather buy myself a nice diamond for that price! That's RIDICULOUS!!
  7. Its ugly, annnd its killing crocs for that ugliness, what a waste.
  8. Jill, I think PHH will get it for you for Mother's Day!
  9. No way I'm spending $30K for that, I never really like the Fendi buckled bags anyway. I'd head to Tiffany if I have $30K.
  10. overpriced!!!!
    cant even see the exact material!
  11. Doesn't even look like real croc - who can tell?
  12. you gotta admit that the bag, for all it's ugliness, is still less ugly than a real alligator. haha.
    what a rip off though. for that price I'd buy a small piece of property.
  13. I like it, but its way too expensive.
  14. Not lovin it at all... :sad:
  15. way too pricey for me!
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