Yours for £26,000: The most hideous It Bag ever made

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  1. #2 Feb 11, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 11, 2010
    The LV looks like it's covered with old phone cords :tdown:

    Edited to add: How snarky is that article? I'm pretending the rest of it doesn't exist. Except for Posh's gorgeous Birkin. That can stay.
  2. I'm sorry... but that bag is ugly....
  3. ^^I agree, that article is very snarky
  4. How stupid is that bag?!
  5. Hahah! Thanks for a good laugh. Thats a terrible bag!! I'd rather buy myself a nice new M5 for that LOL
  6. :lol: I wish VB's birkin was £18,500!! Its annoying when the writers do not do their research.
  7. Horrible looking bag but I don't see it being an it bag. However I think the LV garbage bag is worst. If I want to carry a garbage bag around I'll just open my bottom cupboard in the kitchen and pull one out of the box. I get a choice of white or green plastic!!! lol I just couldn't resist.

    The article was a bit snarky though...
  8. i think they forgot to put 2 letters in front of "it" bag. Looks like a ball of confusion.
  9. I think it's OK, not that I would wear it mind you :P, but it has got a certain pod-like charm. If you stuck it in an art gallery and multiplied up the price, I reckon it would sell, and not because it was an LV...
  10. :tdown:
  11. #12 Feb 11, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 11, 2010
    I will say that I did like the comment she made toward the end about a handbag being well-traveled and used for years, brimming with memories and experiences.

    Some of these designers are certainly re-inforcing the commonly-held notion by many that expensive handbags are just frivilous and ridiculous. What about a classic but well-priced bag that one can carry for many years? Isn't that a better representation? Snarkiness well noted, but some of these bags invite it. With those bags held up as the pinnacle of 'fashion,' how could they not be a lightning rod for general criticism? It's just like painting a big bullseye around a huge category of women.

    It's a bummer because I think a great handbag is an essential tool and a little pleasure in helping me get through my daily work and family life. It's just so easy to take that sentiment and trivialize it, and this kind of 'fashion' doesn't help...

    And man, that bag is obnoxiously ugly...we're starting to see an inversely proportional relationship between style and price...

    But no, I can't imagine ever paying anywhere CLOSE to this kind of money on a handbag...I think people have a right to spend their hard-earned money how they wish, but I wouldn't reward these designers by giving them one cent of mine...

  12. ITA that bag is gross
  13. i just read more, lol VB's birkin cost £18,500 try adding an extra 565256262568463545
  14. ^^ exactly!!:lol: