You're opinion about Azur pieces with patina?

  1. Some people like it but most people don't, for some it's insignificant.
    Where do you stand when it comes to patina-ed vachetta on Azur pieces?
    And why do you feel that way?
  2. I actually haven't seen an azur piece with patina yet, could some please post pictures? I have an azur speedy 30 but haven't had a chance to use it.
  3. I think it looks great. It's just personal preference - no big secret as to why some may like it and some may not. :smile:
  4. I haven't seen petina on azur too.
  5. i think patina on azur pieces is tdf! vachette is designed to turn honey in color, so LV was definitely thinking when they picked out pale yellow and blue for the azur line - the patina is the perfect complimentary color.
  6. My roommate has a speedy that's about 2 years old or so, and her patina is quite dark!

    I love love love azur, but after seeing the patina so dark I kind of thought that it didn't look as nice as it does when you first buy it and the vachetta is light. IMO, the vachetta is better suited to the monogram. I wish they could come up with a process to stop patina so that everyone could have their bag be the exact shade that they want it ;)

    This has also made me rethink the speedy 30 in azur that's on my list...but I'll probably end up getting it anyway!
  7. Do a search-- I think there are several threads on this topic.

    I have seen some medium-dark pieces with a lot of vachetta in Azur (like Keepall) here on tPF and I think they look GORGEOUS. Kind of like a tanned person wearing tennis whites, you know? It has an aristocratic look to it. Really makes the canvas POP. I saw a speedy 30 with a medium patina in NYC the other day and it was soooo beautiful!
  8. I like with with light or medium patina. Not a fan of it in dark patina.
  9. I think that as long as the patina is just dark patina as opposed to dirty and dark patina it will look good. I feel that way about mono too - I've seen people with the most disgusting looking patinas which are dark and black from dirt. I have a 17 year old petite noe that has dark patina, but I love the color of it because it's not black with dirt and grime, just dark tan in color.
  10. You say most people don't, did you take a poll or are you basing this on information you found somewhere, I'm curious?:s
  11. Love it so much
  12. love it. it looks really cool. I saw a piece on eBay with vachetta. : )
  13. I think it looks nice either way.. I had to think about this before I bought my speedy, whether I'd still love it down the road and I think they look great with the patina contrast !
  14. my speedy and pochette has got some patina now. its too bad because i loved the pale look a lot. i babied my speedy so much but i guess its inevitable...:crybaby:
  15. its still pretty though!!!