You're missing a WHAT? and they added a what where???

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  1. So I was watching one of those medical shows on TLC and I was wondering what type of operations we have had amongst ourselves.

    I've had my tonsils removed but what makes me "stand out" in a crowd is the fact that I had my large intestine removed :amazed: :amazed: :amazed: !!!

    Yup ladies I am all small intestine...and if you are wondering everything was re-attached and I don't have a bag.

    Your turn...:biggrin:
  2. :lol: Funny topic title!

    I have had my tonsils removed, I have tubes in my ears, I don't have any wisdom teeth left and I've had an endoscopy (where they look down your esophagus) because I swallowed a fish bone at Applebee's and it got stuck in my throat :shame:
  3. Well, Thank God I still have all of my parts, including my Tonsils.

    I had a Brazilian Wax, that to me, was like an operation !!!! :shame:
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  4. Just my appendix, a mole, and the bump on my nose;)
  5. I'm missing my wisdome teeth!

    that's it, I think. :smile:
  6. tonsils have been removed on me.
  7. Ouch everyone! I still have all of my parts, but I have been feeling lately like I have been given a labotomy! Just cant think straight. Does that count? :smile:
  8. I'm missing part of my gum on my front top teeth because I fell down my basement stairs and cut my gum on the fan at the bottom. It wasn't *really* an operation...but the dentist did have to remove the dead part...
  9. Oh! :Push: :sick:
  10. I've lost track of the surgeries - minor and major - that I've had due to cervical cancer and subsequent additional tumors elsewhere. Let's just say I'm running out of "spare" parts! lol
  11. Everything here, except for the wisdom teeth.
  12. I had a cyst removed from my breast.

  13. Awww Leah how are you feeling now?

    EVERYONE...good job on overcoming your illnesses. I know from experience it takes a lot but we've all made it!

    Lots of love...

    P.S. Did anyone ask your Dr. where they put all those parts? I always wondered what happened to my colon. :sick: :sick: :sick:
  14. happypug: I wish i read this post a few days ago!! One of the questions on my science hw was "If someone had to have their intestine removed, would they survive ?" (or something like that), and it took me forevver to try to make up a good answer lol!( i put that they would)

    luckily, I never had to have any surgery to remove anything. But, i did step on a staple twice in like a month and i had to pull it out. put a bandaid on it and it was fine. lol
  15. Wow Leah, you are very courageous.