You're LV's name?

  1. Ok so I was going though some pictures and I saw that some of you give a name to your bags. I think that's a very cute idea. It's a way of making your bag your very own I guess. So I'd like to know all of the names for you bag(s). I have a speedy 25 and named mine Fibi. LOL:angel:
  2. Hi, I haven't seen the thread you are describing but didn't want to read and run.. However, some LV's do come with a name for instace I have a bag that's named Jasmin it's from the epi line and I actually call it by it's name, lol. Then there is monogram Beverly... lol :smile: hth.
  3. Well, my Gracie is called Gracie, and all the rest seem to be called Louis or Framboise. I have five framboise accessories so maybe I should start calling them Framboise 1, Framboise 2 etc.
  4. I call them all 'Louis' :lol:
  5. I just call them waht ever LV has already names them.... My Madeleine is called Madeleine and my Solonge is called Solonge.
  6. Loulou, Lola and Lila will be my next! LOL!
  7. I'll call her pretty.. cause she's so pretty!! Haha.. xD
  8. my speedy is named "sweet lou" ... anyone remember lou whitaker from the 80s detroit tigers? hehehe.
  9. Awww! You and Fibi look great together. I call all of mine Louis as well - maybe it's time for me to get more creative!
  10. Me too!!
  11. The only ones that I named were:

    Damier Pocket Agenda- Myzel
    Panda Cles- Nick
  12. LOL!! This thread is hilarious. I am not that original yet -- mine are all Louis, and my Mirage bandeau is Mirage. I'm sure when I get my Cerises speedy I'll call it Cherry. But this is making me realize I need to get more creative!!!!!
  13. Aw, Nick! Lol.
    I remember you named some of mine, I can't remember them though.
  14. I would name any of my bags or accessories Louis!
  15. I just call them by their 'birth name' w/family name of Louis :yes: