You're in love with a bag but..... you don't carry it ! Why ?

  1. Bonjour, I red a lot of threads and sometimes it seemed to me that some of you girls are in love with an LV bag but you don't carry it a lot ! Why ?
  2. Maybe they have lots of other bags that they rotate with? I have no idea. I have 2 Speedies but only use one as my everyday bag (35). The 40 is meant for a bag to take to trips and such but I don't travel much and the last time I did, I brought the 35 along so the 40 stayed home.
  3. I rarely use my pochette as it can't fit in much after I put in my wallet so I'll be getting a smaller accessory to replace my wallet so that I can use the pochette more often... :P
  4. Hmmm... some don't put their bags to use because of the material/canvas is too fragile... or they don't want color transferring to occur... eeek.
  5. I rarely use my black MC Alma... my other bags usually suit my clothes better :shrugs:
  6. Sometimes, I am afraid it will get damaged. I'm always saying I am saving it for a special day.
  7. Sometimes I fall in love with how a bag looks, but after I buy it, I find it is not practical (straps aren't long enough, the inside is too small, etc.). It takes a while for it to sink in that the purse is just NOT for me, so it will sit on my shelf, unused. Finally, it sinks in that the best thing to do is to resell it and free up some space for another new bag. :shame:

  8. I agree, This is what I did until I got too lazy :lol:
  9. I try and rotate my bags as often as I can! I try and change my bags either daily or every other day. I hate it when I spend $$$ on something and don't use it.
  10. Too many bags ? (This is not a problem with me.. unfortunately !!!)
  11. I try and rotate my bags.. but lately I've been a little hesitant to whip out my Shelton because of the nasty weather NY has been having.. so that bag has only seen the light of day once since i got it!
  12. I try to rotate but I've been using my new Speedy so much that my other bags are getting lonely. I haven't used my Recital, which I love, in a while because we haven't been going out to dinner much because we've been too busy. :flowers: And I'm kind of saving my Saleya PM for fall/winter when I won't carry my Speedy so much due to bad weather. ;)
  13. I don't have this problem, I buy bags and everything else in my closet to use it, other wise how I can justify buying them? I just don't want to look at them, I like to use them, I try to rotate my bags daily, sometimes even twice a day on weekends.
    If I don't use a bag for a month, to me this is a sign that I will not use it at all, so I sell it and buy me something I really will like.
  14. i try to rotate my bags as often as possible, but sometimes i get lazy and stick with one bag for a while. the awful thing is that i can't bear to sell any of them, so i think i've become more of a collector :shame:.
  15. I can't speak for anyone else but for me, it's either:

    1) I'm in love with it so much I don't want to overuse it and age it prematurely; or
    2) I was so in love with it that I had to own it even if I had absolutely no use for it (like me and another wallet!) :Push: