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  1. Mabel arrived this morning - blooming postie was knocking on the door at 7.35am! There was me hoping to have a bit more time before letting DH know that another bag had appeared!
    Anyway, I've just unwrapped her and I DON'T LOVE HER! She's not the bright red I thought she would be. She's definitely not as bright as the mini Mabel I saw in JL.
    It definitely says red on the tag but it's a darker red - almost a light burgundy tone. It would be lovely in the winter but it's not the bright pop of red that I wanted. Sooooooooooo, I think she's going back later this morning.
  2. OH MY GOD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Is it not the same colour as mine SJ ????????

    Post a pic
  3. Oh no, after all that!!!!!!!! :crybaby:
    Can you take a few pics of it before it goes back, so we can all see what you mean? Do the colours vary I wonder, different batches of dye or something......??
  4. I'm 100 per cent sure she's not the same colour as yours Flossie. This one is pretty dark. I'm going to take some pics now so you can all see what I mean. I'm a great believer in Fate - perhaps this is me being told red Mabel is just not meant to be mine!! :crybaby:
  5. Well the one I saw and lusted over in HoF was a lovely bright red. I wish they would publish a catalogue showing all the shades. I think the tags have a number on them next to the colour name which begins with Y. What's the number on yours Flossie and what's the number on yours Sarajane? I wonder if they're different.
  6. Oh nightmare :nuts:

    We need pics to assess this situation, immediately. How awful it's not the colour you were expecting.

    I have to say though, it sounds as if it could be a great colour in it's own right? No good at all for you though if it's not what you wanted :crybaby:
  7. Oh no :tdown: That is SO weird. All of the red Mabels I've seen have been fairly bright - Mischa Barton's one in the celebrity thread, for example. I wonder if you got a dodgy one? No way of knowing without seeing them IRL though.

    It's gutting because I'm guessing you have no clue what to do now... go back for the pink Mabel? Try and get another red one?

    At least you can get a refund from John Lewis so that's something.

    Keep us posted, sj.
  8. Awwww SaraJane i'm so sorry for you hun. Does it make any difference once you are outside in natural daylight?
  9. OK, I've taken some pics. I've done them without flash so you can get an idea of the shade. Flash makes it look a lovely bright red, which it isn't!!!
    It's definitely going back - thank goodness it's from JL & I can get a refund.
    Let me know what you all think.

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  10. I have seen them in 'proper' red,so I think I get what you mean,if its a more purplish hade of red than pillar box and not what you were expecting......awwww how disapointing for you!!
  11. No,thats not the red I have seen,definately not.
  12. Thank goodness you can get a refund.Awww how disapointing. And what a pain,messing about sending it back etc,when you were after it for a while.
  13. The red I've seen is a real pillar box red, that's the one I wanted. This shade would look fab in winter but this bag was never going to be just a winter bag, so it's a no no for me.
    There's no Mulberry tags on it, only JL's own, so I can't find a reference for it.
    Hey ho, the search for the perfect Mabel for me goes on (so sorry but it's not over yet!)
  14. Hmmm, well I actually think it looks like a great colour, but then I do like dark red shades myself.

    So frustrating for you though. This must be happening for a reason. We just gotta work out what it is??

    I know...there's a pillar box mabel at an even more bargainous deal just around the corner. It'll come SJ, don't loose the faith :flowers:
  15. I do like the shade, but agree completely that it's not the lovely bright ruby slippers red that I've seen in the magazines.
    Exciting that you're still searching though :yes: