You're in A Band, Now! (time consuming but fun!)

  1. Okay I stole this game from someone's blog. I thought it was cute and SO funny, although I don't know how many of you guys are gonna take the time to follow suit once I start it off!

    Go to the main page for Wikipedia. On the left, below "Navigation," click on "random article." The title of the article that comes up is the name of your band. Click "random article" again. This is the title of your debut album.

    Now, hit "random article" eight more times. Each article title that comes up is a track from your album (no skipping!).

    My Band: Nacrite
    Album: Gunma University

    1. Subgrouping
    2. George Weis
    3. Optical film
    4. Rosko
    5. Sweetest
    6. Bellewood, Kentucky
    7. Santiago Galapagos Mouse
    8. Grasvatnet

    If nobody posts I guess I'll keep doing it. LOL. I like the random.
  2. My band: Yukimaru Katsura
    Debut album: 1983 FIFA World Youth Championship


    1. Peter Knecht
    2. List of Houston neighborhoods
    3. St. Anne's Community College
    4. Weberstedt
    5. Billy Lee Evans
    6. Monumental Axis
    7. Southern and Eastern Norway Pharmaceutical Trust
    8. Pope Marinus
  3. LOL Caitlin...these are just so funny to me!
  4. Ooops .... sorry!! :push:

    I hit the "Post Quick Reply" instead of the "Go Advanced" button. :shame:
  5. My Band: Llimba

    Debut Album: Ethnic Channels Group


    1. Lansdowne
    2. 2K11 Krug
    3. Paso Libertadores
    4. Input Device
    5. Anton Bruckner
    6. Saint Shushanik
    7. Edward Masterman
    8. Bolton Abbey

    *HeHe* :biggrin:
  6. Band: Judy Torres
    Album: Pentangling


    1. Eurylochus
    2. DD-transpeptidase
    3. Little pine
    4. Ridge Hill transmitting station
    5. Barry Strickland
    6. Dunlop Pneumatic Tyre vs. Selfridge
    7. Hermann Mayregger
    8. Dandenong Stingrays

  7. My band: Yukimaru Katsura
    Our second album: Máel Muire mac Céilechair

    1. Roxburgh, Selkirk and Peebles (UK Parliament constituency)
    2. Tino Rossi
    3. BOOPSI
    4. Rach Gia Airport
    5. April Fool's, Charlie Brown
    6. Crowned: The Mother of All Pageants
    7. 1963 in Malaysia
    8. Dano
    9. *bonus track* Jonas Coersmeier
    10. *bonus track* Jour de fête
  8. LOL...these are SO much fun to read...I guess I'm a little odd that way! Thaaaaaaanks for playing, I'm laughing very hard over here...
  9. Band Name: Leyendecker
    Debut Album: Nicolet—Yamaska- 1933
    1.Elegant Gothic Aristocrat
    2.List of Mazda transmissions
    3. Edna McCoy
    4.Clemente Micara
    6.Ira Progoff
    7.Permanganic Acid
    8. Dalit Buddhist movement
  10. Band Name: Meninho
    Debut Album: St Kilda Mouse

    1.2002 Grand Prix of mosport
    3. Kaluza-Klein Theory
    4.HMS Hythe (J194)
    5.Fourth Aliyah
    6.Still Life (The Twilight Zone)
    8. Frantisek Drtikol
  11. Band - Louis Lambert
    Album - Goshen Township, Ohio

    Tracks -
    1 - Zuidwolde (Drenthe)
    2 - Film
    3 - Douglas Harold Fox
    4 - Greg Ford
    5 - Union, Wisconsin
    6 - Executive Airlines (appropriate for me) LOL
    7 - José Antonio Gurriarán
    8 - Dog Islands

    lmao! mines are so silly:roflmfao:
  12. My Band: Holden Park
    Album: Lewis M. Long

    1. Tarenna Quadrangularis
    2. Lionsgate Television
    3. Lizzy Weiss
    4. Finicha'a
    5. Kyobo Book Centre
    6. Education in Westchester County
    7. The Forum of Fargo-Moorhead
    8. Commonware

  13. Band: Károly Bebo

    Album: Glodu River


    1. Shepseskare Isi
    2. Vardenis
    3. Alviksbron
    4. Natalya Yevdokimova
    5. William McGonagall
    6. Le Foeil
    7. Shatterling
    8. Piperidione

    Also Featuring 2 Bounus Tracks!!!

    * Primavalle Fire
    * Dental Pathology

  14. Band - Falleen

    Album - The Impartial Reporter

    Tracks -

    St. Louis Intercollegiate Athletic Conference
    Saint Regulus
    International Center of Photography
    Ki-67 (Biology)
    John Bell
    Spanish dagger
    Masoala madagascariensis
    The Jet Set

  15. My Band: Tudong
    Dalbergia Vacciniifolia

    1. Canyon, California.
    2. Thrall, Texas.
    3. Charles E. Haldeman.
    4. British NVC Community.
    5. Virginia State Route 251.
    6. Charles Edgar Edgett.
    7. Hideki Yukawa.
    8. List of Spanish Regional Legislatures.

    wow that last one sure sounds like a fun track! :p