You're gonna Love it or Hate it -I think it's funny

  1. Uhhh....
    This awful.
    It looks so cheap.
    I wouldnt want to walk into LV and hand that to them..
  2. i was thinking more for like those Home Depot and Wal-Mart cards :0
  3. I think I've seen it all now
  4. Wouldnt it be just a tad embarassing handing that over to pay for something?
    Theres a reason why LV made never these...and well that picture clearly shows it all.
  5. ^^^^ Agreed.
  6. ita
  7. Ick. I don't like them at all...they're so...bold.
    Not my cup of tea.
  8. :throwup: yuck.
  9. LOL at their description!!

    "OK, you've got the black amex, you feel like the Centurion, but boy does it feel weird when everybody looks at you like: oh, Bigshot just arrived..."

    What better way to downplay your VIP status than this monstrosity! :roflmfao:
  10. Now I have seen everything, at least there are no lv's in it.
  11. LOOOL!!! why would anybody want these!?:confused1:
    I mean talk about GHETTO!!
  12. not for me
  13. Hmmmm yeah not quite my thing either.
  14. Ew..