You're Favourite Runway Model, Past or Present ?

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  1. Mine are Iman, Christy Brinkley,and Giselle.
  2. Carmen Kass

    She has the most beautiful body, IMO.

    Natalia Vodianova, because she is beautiful, in a way so unlike any other runway model- she just has a look. :smile:

    and the most commercially beautiful model ( more so than even Giselle IMO) is miss Adrian Lima.

    :smile: good choices too Pradasmeadow. I love fashion models, I wish that they would get more magazine covers!
  3. my favorite one right now is Gemma Ward (because i'm oh-so-original). i think her face is just gorgeous. my favorite commercial model is probably Adriana Lima, too.
  4. Christy Brinkley
  5. Iman, Giselle, and Devon Aoki.
  6. Irina Lazareanu and Naomi Campbell (present) and Pat Cleveland (past).
  7. I used to like Helena Christenson alot.
    Nowadays I like Giselle.
  8. Cindy Crawford, Giselle and Adriana Lima.
  9. Christy Turlington and def Adriana Lima b/c we have the same first name :smile: oh yea, and she's hot.
  10. Claudia Shiffer
  11. I am old school.
    Naomi Campbell
    Linda Evangelista (sp?)
    Kate Moss
  12. She is still so amazingly beautiful!! I would love to look like her.
  13. Christy Turlington.
  14. Selena, I am old school too :lol:
    all-time fave is linda evangelista. but i also love yasmeen ghauri (she has a very distinctive walk), karen mulder and christy turlington :smile:
  15. Agreed! Linda is No 1.

    Just want to add Giselle and Inès de la Fressange to the list