You're Favourite High School Teacher ?

  1. My History teacher Mr Evans. He had a great sense of humor, wasn't strict, always positive, and upbeat.
    I remember he would always drive a red sports car to School everyday, he always wore a bright suit and very loud tie.
    He was the best. :idea:

    How about you?
  2. None! They were all ready to retire and BORING!
  3. :cry: = sad, bad memories.... unfortunately i had the worse 5 years of my life when i went to high school, it was just totally awful! i didnt like the people i was around and they didnt like me - talk about
    awkward when you're so young :sad2: but i guess its turned me into a stronger person....

    BUT, on a happier note, im glad everyone who is posting or about to post had a fav teacher :amuse:
  4. :lol: ! I went through high school too's all a blurr.
  5. Mr. Gibson, my sophomore English teacher. He helped us start a creative writing group that would hang out once or twice a week after school in his classroom, reading and critiquing stories and poems. My school was big on sports, not on anything creative, so it was nice to find an extra-curricular activity that didn't revolve around sports. I did like some sports, I played softball and cheered, but I was really into writing and music :biggrin:
  6. Mr. Kramer, my senior English teacher whom I'll never forget. He helped us understand Shakespeare's work. He's one of the only teachers I know that's passionate about teaching. I think of him as a Renaissance Man because has been around the world and had done so many interesting and wonderful things.
  7. Mrs. Nichols, my debate coach and senior law teacher. i was on debate all 4 years, captain my senior year, and she got to be my second mom - competative debaters travel almost every weekend for tournaments in high school. i still email her and visit when i'm back home.