You're Favorite People on The PF

  1. My favorite people on the PF are.....

    ShimmaPuff (I admire her! She is sooo smart.. Love reading her posts)


    John 5 (Sooo educated in LV)


    bagnshoofetish (Love reading her posts... So fun!!)

    And of course Megs!!:tup:
  2. Of course Megs and Vlad! Thats a no brainer..

    But I love..
    twinkle.tink-she does so much for the "community" and is just a genuinely great person.

    ShimmaPuff-She never fails to amaze me with her way of "speaking"

    Jill-Her posts are too funny, she never fails to say something that cracks me up!

    Of course if I include Jill I need to include...
    Jillybean307-I love when its "Team Jill" on tPF! lol

    Im pretty tired. Im sure there are more people I should list, but those are all my wore out brain can think of for the day.
  3. Hubba Wubba (?) comes up with some good feedback.
  4. Me! :smile:

    I like lots of people here, but I'm not going to list them.
  5. ITA! Maybe this thread isn't so cool
  6. Has'nt there already been a thread similar to this one?
  7. I name myself too :p but more for the prize of the "most grammatical and language mistakes in a post" and for "thoughts that don´t come out in their intended meaning"....than favorite....
    And nah I like everybody !! but mostly the members who contribute to this place the most by running it, expressing useful opinions, being generous, making us laugh, sharing they knowledge, sharing their eye candy handbags and shoes....just being their true selves.
    There are a few in particular I am thinking of but they are obvious, they´ve been named already + a lot of extras.
  8. John 5
    bagnshoofetish...funniest lady ever!

    and OF COURSE, by DEFAULT, Vlad and Megs!

    There's TONS more but those are the top for now!
  9. There are so many people on the PF that I have come to know and love, I couldn't possibly list them all (nor would I)!

    This is just an incredible place with the most amazing people! I feel lucky just to be a part of it!
  10. I can't pick favorites -- everyone who contributes to this forum is valuable and appreciated!
  11. You guys are all great!
  12. Exactly!

    Maybe we should come in this thread everyday to thank everyone and give msgs of encouragement!

    We all rock!
  13. I pretty much like everybody on tPF! :biggrin:
  14. Everyone!

    TPF is my favorite place to hang out because of the people!

    *HUGS* to everyone (especially Megs and Vlad) for making TPF a gr8 place!
  15. I have a cyber-crush on Charles...:upsidedown:............:love:..........:blush::winkiss: