You're Charging WHAT??

  1. That's truly disgusting.:mad:
  2. Hahahaha. It doesn't even have a lock!!
  3. shouldn't someone report this person to E-Bay before some poor shmuck actually pays them $20,000?
  4. Gee, don't they have a Hermes factory in Soth Dakota? LOL

    Also, why don't these phony bag sellers at least remove the cheesy plastic from the handles, real bags don't come with that.
  5. That's South...
  6. Oh, yeah. Let's name the things wrong with that picture:

    Plastics on handles
    Weird shape
    Weird orange thing under flap
    No lock
    Weird Hermes tag
    Fake looking clochette thing
    No lock
    No croc symbol
  7. I can't stand these fakes with the orange card/tag. Super tacky :sick:
  8. Well, I reported this to Ebay, so let's see what happens.
  9. Well done, Amkur! I really don't understand the nerve that some people have, already to sell a fake for that price is disgusting... but a fake like this..:sick: :mad: I'm lost for words...
  10. That really upsets me when these sellers try so much to rip people of. How can they sleep at night?
  11. Blows my mind!
  12. The closeups of the stamp and strap look like they come from another source. Compare it with the mediocre full shots. The zipper closeup shows shoddy workmanship. It's a replica!

    And yes, this sort of fraudulent activity pisses me off too!
  13. More things are wrong with this bag than correct!:sick: :sick: :sick:
  14. Pardon my french, but it takes some serious balls to put a $15,000 price tag on that monstrosity. :sick: