You're asked to be on a show so someone can reveal a secret.

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  1. You're asked to be on a TV show so someone can reveal a secret to you.

    Do you go?
  2. I guess it would depend on who was going to be revealing the secret, but on the whole I would have to say "NO THANKS". I'll take my humiliations in private, please!
  3. No. You really have to wonder about the person if they decide the only way they're going to reveal a secret to you is very publically.
  4. No way! I consider it a form of public humiliation. If the person really wants to get the secret out they would just tell you.
  5. Not even a little bit. There is never anything good that could come of that. Period.
  6. Not even the slightest bit tempted.
  7. Absolutely never!
  8. Totally! Good for a laugh in the long run.
  9. No damn way!!! That is just asking for trouble!! Some things are just not worth the money :nogood:
  10. No No and NOOOOOOOOOOO. That is setting yourself up in a BIG way!!!
  11. No Way. I'm the person who opens Christmas presents as soon as they come in the house. I couldn't wait that long. I would nag the person to death way before we could get on the show to just tell me the durned secret.
  12. no.
    if its a SO, they're cheating.
    if its a bff, they've either backstabbed you, slept w/o your SO, or they have a lesbian confession.

    any of the above, i'd rather not find out on national TV.
  13. Um, no. I watch Maury...I know what that means.
  14. Don't go! It is bound to be a moment that you will wish you could forget, but won't be able to since there will be footage of you to watch forever!
  15. Same here. No way!