You're an LV addict if....

  1. Hi everyone, I don't know if this has been posted before. So Mods please delete is it has been. Thanks.

    I stole this from the Coach forum and I think it's really cool and funny to know...

    This is mine:

    You're an LV addict if you're husband looks at peoples purses before they look at their faces... Ha ha ha :roflmfao:
  2. You are an LV addict if your 6year old knows the names of all the different LV collections. The LV SA's call you to ask about running, weight loss advice... lol.
  3. You are an LV addict when:
    ~ LV security guards recognize you outside the store.
    ~ Your DH can tell if other people carry fakes
    ~ your SA telling you her personal problems and stories
    ~ so broke !!!
  4. If you spend more time on tPF, Elux or eBay than humans should be allowed. :drinkup:
  5. your day starts by surfing TPF forum
  6. You are thinking about which bag to buy next as soon as you have paid for a bag in the boutique!
  7. :roflmfao: Yeah it is sooooo True!!!
  8. you think of each day as an opportunity to scope out lv's in the general public.
  9. :roflmfao:
    This is so true.. em..
  10. ...things get so bad, you put urself on a ban! Chances are, u'll break ur ban... many times!
  11. When you buy groceries (a necessity to live) and think 'Damn, that could've been put towards my next bag'
  12. OMG! I do that too, which is just awful! I think the same about my rent, my tuition, travelling...
  13. You have all of the LV store phone numbers on speed dial on your cell phone,lol.:graucho:
  14. You're an LV addict if the first thing in a movie you notice is an LV bag....
  15. - your SA says you know more about LVs than her and that you should work for LV!
    - the LV security guards greet you by name when they see you
    - you see a fake LV bag and want to run home to this forum and share the sighting
    - your collection of brown boxes take over space in other areas of the house
    - your DH wants to go to LV with you to give you his opinion on your next purchase
    - your SA fedexes you new catalogs hot off the press
    - when you see an LV in public, you mumble to your DH the line and style of what that woman/man is carrying.