you're all such bad enablers!

  1. this is some of my goodies, i still need to go pick up my conversation hearts. and then I am done! :rolleyes:
    so to answer what I'm sure all of you girls were wondering so anxiously, I didn't return the charms and I got both instead..:sweatdrop:
    group charms and bal first grey.jpg coach wapity.jpg
  2. i was just wondering if it would be worth it to sell that grn barrel on eBay or not. i love it, but i never use it. so you like it? it's still cool-io?
  3. btw, you weren't going to return the kiss or the clover were you? b/c that is just plain unamerican! they are PERFECTION!!!!!
  4. ^^LOL I was going to return the two letter charms I got during PCE, but I wound up picking up these instead! I don't know yet, I got it at an insane your stupid to not buy it price, so we'll see how long it stays in casa de aarti. I thought perhaps for my camera but its a really roomy case.
  5. love it all! you're such an accesories nut!
  6. Yeah, aarti!! How can I possibly count on anyone to enable me if I don't enable them as needed??? Of course, at the moment I need no enabling as I am freely spending and feeling no guilt yet! But I'm sure I'll need someone sooner or later to push me over the edge! Until then, I must continue to enable others! And those charms look fantastic! Love the lips and flip flop together! :yes:
  7. Nice aarti! I've been eyeing the lips. Is the clover new? I ask because the one on Coach online looks to be a more yellow green where yours is the nice clover green!
  8. ^^new as in how?

    if you mean mean new as in when did you get it yes I picked it up yesterday. its a bright green, not really apple green, but a bright patent.
  9. So cute! I just bought that same lip charm.
  10. Lovely! I especially Like your Sandle! I have one kinda like it in white.
  11. ^^mine is white as well, with the Cs silver..right?
    did you get yours recently?
  12. you have to teach me how not to feel guilty. its not the money, its something else.. in my head endlessly my mind goes through all my coach/pucci wristlet/cases to sell off what I do not need.. :s
  13. So cute!! I love the old clover much more than the new one, which is some yellow/brown color.

  14. Oh really? I didn't know that, there were two different colors?
  15. This was why I asked. IMO aarti's charm is the perfect clover color, this yellowish color isn't as nice (Just my opinion)