you're a moody S.O.B.

  1. those of you with multiple bags, how do you decide their rotation? how long do you favor one over another? how do you get out of the house in the morning? lol
  2. I'm one of those lazy, minimalist people when it comes to clothes so it takes me only 5 min. to put on my clothes for the day. I rotate only a select few bags and use one for a few days before I move onto the next. There's no rhyme or reason to how I choose a bag. I wear mostly dark neutrals anyway so just about every bag goes with what I'm wearing.
  3. ah, appropriate that my thread muse is the first to respond. ;) :flowers:
    a few days with one bag at time? so you don't swap back and forth on a daily basis? would you say your bags are evenly proportioned so that bag style is the primary choice, or are some occasion-specific (day vs. evening)?
  4. LOL!!!! I love the title of this thread!!!!

    ok..........First, believe it or not, I've simplified my life by selling off all my other handbags except my Mothers ancient LV Speedy and my Chanel 255 reissue in Grey which I scoured the earth for. That alone saves me time in the morning because all I have left are some Hermes!!!!
  5. oh listen to you "some hermes." at last count, that still totals what? over 7? that's a lot of choices, plus the other 2 non-H items (do you use the irreplaceable speedy though?).
  6. HH, nope, I don't swap back and forth. I don't work outside of the home anyway, so my bags end up only at my son's school, at the store, etc. Only a few are occasion specific and those hardly see the light of day!

    Thread muse? LOL! I think your thread muse should be dior24! =)
  7. Your thread title is so appropriate, actually.

    <~~~~~~~can be a very moody S.O.B.!
  8. sucks i can't respond to this cool thread!
  9. I love my Mom's Speedy.....I remember her buying that bag almost 25 years ago and it was such a HUGE purchase for her! I think she used it daily for a good 15 years!!!! I love it because it reminds me of her.....

    Like 24, I don't change bags every day either. Most of mine go with my clothes which, you can see, are almost all black and Levi's. So for me it's more of what I'm in the mood for and what the occassion for the day is. For example, I only use my Kelly Elan for evenings out. My Trim I toile/barenia is used during the Spring/Summer as a "grab-n-go" bag. Each bag seems to have a particular use except for my Black Kelly and my Gold Birkin. These bags seem to be the daily bags. I'll grab one of these two.
  10. I rotate my bags quite often. This is especially true since I wear colorful clothes so I have to change bags! However, lately, I've been inspired by Chanel and have been buying a lot of black and white clothes (not from Chanel though, just the style). That means that in the near future, I'll probably use a lot my black and red Birkins!
  11. Since I only have one H bag it's pretty easy! :graucho: But I do switch off to my LV Speedy if I need something more neutral, my LV Saleya if it's raining or I need to carry a lot, or LV Recital for evening.
  12. 24, faubourg lol and hey our bags go to all the same places.
    fesdu notice i did not say exclusively h bags. do you have any non-h bags that factor into your decisions each day? as a matter of fact, you've got the canvas h bag! you're my hero for bringing your kelly on your beach vacation.
    shopmom do you have a pic of that well-loved (and continued to be loved) speedy? how often would you say you switch bags?
  13. Agree with ShopMom.....I carry a bag for several days, then a mood strikes me:idea: or a change in colors come over me and I switch to another. Rainy days call for the Vintage Speedy 25.

    I really need very few H bags this way. But I don't let that stop me from buying:p
  14. Great thread! I decide mentally what I want to wear each night and have trained myself never to change my mind in the mornings coz that makes me late for work everytime. So basically it only takes me 30 mins to do make-up and then change and out the house.

    As for bag rotation, I make it a point to swop bags every couple of weeks. Otherwise the others get jealous....don't want my Harem to end up with in-fighting!!

    Weather plays a major part in the decision making process too. Crocs and Box stay home during the wet season, only the hardier leathers get to go out then :smile:
  15. la van do you have multiple wallets, etc. or do you pick up all the contents and drop them into the next bag?
    crochetbella me too. i don't have any other purses, period, though. i have my longchamp totes, and i use those either in conjunction with my shoulder bag, or sometimes just alone - more and more i'm trying to keep the h bag with me though, so i'm just a wee bit overloaded.