Your worst wardrobe malfunction?

  1. Mine was when I was at the state fair. I was wearing a cute little sundress with a flowing miniskirt. I realized far too late that I didn't have the proper clean underwear, so I put a thong on. I wouldn't normally wear one with a skirt, but that was all I had, and I didn't want to wear pants in 105+ degree weather.

    The wind came up in the early afternoon, and after I flashed the carnie, and everybody around me, helping my nephew off a ride, I spent the rest of the day and evening trying to hold my skirt down in the wind.

    Once I was in the hospital wearing one of their stupid gowns. I was quite ill, but the male nurse made me get out of bed to weigh me. As I did I flashed him, which I didn't care about one bit. However, he very kindly brought me a pair of scrub pants for future forays out of bed. I guess he didn't like what he saw.

    Of course, I've have the torn pantyhose problem many times.

    So, tell me your worst wardrobe malfunction.
  2. Hmmm... Well, a girlfriend of mine was trying to convince me how comfortable thigh high stockings were, so, I thought I would give them a try. I was sceptical asking her if she was sure they would stay put. She assured me they would. I wore black ones with a beautiful skirt to a job interview. I was halfway through the parking lot when I noticed one was around my ankle and would later that evening, be around my friends neck!! :cursing: Didn't get the job!!! LOL!!!!!
  3. oh god!!!
    in high school one day i actually wore slippers to school!!!!
    i dont know what i was thinking!!!!!!!!!!
  4. LOL! Great thread!

    This past "family reunion" for my DH's family. I wore my new "mini dress" because I just bought it and it is "casual" form of a smock dress with two pockets (a cute dress)... I did not think anything of it, but it is short (a mini-dress afterall).

    At the reunion, my father-in-law's brother, my hubby's god father wanted a lap dance from me (joking of course)... I get the cue that it was too short!
  5. My first day of 7th grade at a brand new school i wore a short-ish white skirt and all my underwear showed through so i wore a white thong.. but it was totally visable and i got comments all day and was totally uncomforable, hahaha. Oh well! Didn't ruin me ;o)
  6. I was setting up to take a deposition. I went to go get a Coke while waiting for one of the attorneys to be ready and the attorney who hired me whispered in my ear that my skirt is unzipped. I had walked all the way into the building and down the hall and nobody else had told me. I must have flashed my panties to everyone! it was a suit with a back zipper. The guy who told me was really cool and would tease me about it afterwards so at least it was him that it was with.
  7. I walked around a crowded mall for about an hour with my jeans fly undone - and I was wearing a top that didn't cover the zipper area. I know it was that long because I had tried something on an hour earlier. I only noticed it myself when I went to the bathroom. Oops! :shame::roflmfao:
  8. A classic pantsplit. Interestingly, the guilty pants were an expensive "designer" brand that I had received as a gift. And not only were they not tight in the butt, like most pants on those of us outside the circle of booty ownership, if anything, they were loose. And new.

    I sat, they split, I heard and felt the event, rose gracefully and smilingly and noddingly backed toward the mercifully open sliding glass patio door and rushed upstairs to change into an old pair of Lee jeans purchased at Wal-Mart for $10.99, thought a minute, changed into a different top and different bling, and rejoined my guests and proudly proclaimed a Costume Change!
  9. Oh man... I've had so many :hrmm:....

    Probably the worst was when I was in high school, had a speech to give, and I looked down and I realized one of the buttons on my shirt had popped off. It was the the button directly over my boobs so my bra was showing in front of the whole class. I just walked out and left. When I got in the car, the button was on the floor, so apparently I walked around like that for awhile and nobody told me. I was a goody-two-shoes overachiever so it was pretty humiliating. But I did get asked out a lot after that :rolleyes:
  10. I was white work :mad:
  11. Oh yeah, this was my latest one. Except I was at a conference, and one fell just as I was walking through the convention center. Just as I felt it slipping, FOOF, right down to my ankle. I had to duck behind a trash can and "pretend" to adjust my shoe so I could discreetly (and quickly) yank it up, which was hard, because I couldn't just lift up my skirt to pull it up my thigh!. After, I had to speed walk to where I was headed as quickly as possible, because I could feel the damn thing slipping again.

    Another time, at another conference, a brand new pair of pantyhose snagged and ran SO BADLY that I had to take them off. That was quite nice, actually, to not wear hose, but probably unprofessional and I was hoping no one noticed my pale, pale legs.
  12. When I was a sophomore in highschool I totally had the back of my dress tucked into my tights.....:shocked:!!! of course it took a group of senior boys to point that out to me.

  13. aww you just reminded me, this happened to me at work once. I usually pin button shirts around my boobage area as I'm rather chesty, but I guess I forgot and I was wearing my in-between-laundry-days-beige-granny-bra :shame::shame:
  14. I don't know if it truly counts as a malfunction, but I once went out clubbing (and drinking) in totally new shoes. Being slightly immune to pain from consuming certain beverages, I didn't feel how my feet went from perfectly fine to swollen, sore and blemished. The next day I woke up after staying at some friends' place I realised I could NOT wear those shoes or anything else for that matter, so I walked through the city back home bare-footed, carrying my shoes by hand. :s
  15. Oh, that reminds me. My grandfather once not only left his house, but also took a car to the airport, got on a plane, sat through a 5 hour flight, landed, was picked up from the airport by my uncle, and only when he got to my uncle's house did he realize that he was still wearing his house slippers. He had to buy new shoes because he didn't pack any either.