Your worst roommate situation

  1. I was inspired by poor cutiepie21's post... eep!

    I've been lucky enough to get along very well with all my roommates. My worst experience, though, is pretty bad. My freshman year roommate used to have her boyfriend spend the night, and they would have sex when they thought I was sleeping! AWKWARD!!! This happened two or three times, and I never said anything because I couldn't figure out how to!

    What's your story?
  2. I have the same story! My roommate used to have sex with her random "boyfriends" with me sleeping in the bunk below her. Gross gross gross gross gross.
  3. my freshman year roommate was seriously moody. we were both kinda messy, but occassionally she'd just get sick of being messy and put all the crap that was on the floor on my bed (because i'm OBVIOUSLY responsible for the entire mess), including HER stuff, which she apparently was unable to identify as hers in her blind rage.

    plus, she had never had a boyfriend and was always really jealous of my relationship with my now-ex. even if i'd ask a week in advance and tried to plan around her schedule, it always pissed her off greatly when he stayed over, even though we absolutely never had any sort of sex in the room while she was there. she was just a tad unstable.
  4. I don't have any real bad roommate experiences, but my freshman year I had a roommate who was messy. She always through her stuff around the room and never picked anything up.

    Second year I moved into an apartment and my roommate was my friend's girlfriend. She was okay, but they never picked up after themselves (he stayed over all the time). They never opened the windows too so the apartment would always smell funny. I hardly saw them since I was never home. One time they got into an argument and she was in a towel in the living room because she just got out of the shower. I guess he found out she was somewhat cheating on him and he confronted her. Man did they argue and scream until I came out of my room to tell them to shut it.

    I don't think I'd ever want to have roommates again.
  5. WHOA! That makes the 3 of us! My roommate and I never met before we moved in (off campus housing) and on the first night her BF slept over. I guess they thought I was asleep and they had sex. I will never forget the sound of the tearing of the condom wrapper. They were pretty quiet though but in the still of the night, if someone's having sex in the same room as'd know.
  6. I've had a few bad experiences haha!

    Freshmen year my roommate lofted her bed to the top. Guess it was hard to get her business on when shes 3 feet from the ceiling. I would go to my friends dorm while she "watched a movie" for like 5 hrs haha and when I come back I would notice dirty blonde hair on my pillow. I have black hair... So before I left I used to pile all my crap on top of my bed and say that its fragile and not to move it haha. Shortly after her bed was unlofted.

    2nd awful experience is one of our aptmates (out of 4) left in the middle of the year. Her replacement was a guy. His 25 yr old butt would sit in our living room with the blinds & windows closed and play video games all day while failing lower division english... To make things worse he would blast the AC all day while he smoked out the entire apt. Everything stunk so bad...ugh!! And he was creepy!!

    My last bad experience is the girl I lived with this year would judge me to no end about my purchases. She would want to know how much everything was and where I got the $ to get it...
  7. My roommate freshman year, was a neat freak witha pure white down comforter. She was also a pot head. SHe would go out half the week adn bring these sceazy guys back. I'm sure with various guys she was having sex with me in the room.

    At one point I got up to go to the bathroom, and I'm like 'when did rachel shave her head?' I then went back to sleep until he left, because I didn't really want to get into it with her.

    Fast forward to junior or senior year, I'm out wiht my best friend at like the mall. I say to her ohh that grrl just said hi to me in the bathroom. But I have no clue who she is. My friends like thats yr old roommate.

    SO my classic line to this day. "oh, I didn't recognize her standing up'
  8. My freshman year of college I had a roommate who was on the crew team. Let me list the ways she was so gross!

    1) She would come back from crew practice and throw her bloody socks on the ground, in the middle of the room.
    2) Once, when I was looking for staples I opened her desk drawer and found a half eaten bowl of Cheerios. She had eaten cereal and was too lazy to walk it down to the hallway bathroom to clean so she just stuck it in a drawer!!! :yucky:
    3) We went on Thanksgiving break. I was the first to come back. When I opened our microwave she had left a bowl of spaghetti in there -- it smelled so bad I almost vomited on the floor! It had been in there for almost 1 week!

    ...and finally...

    At that point I was pretty much living out of my then-boyfriend's (now husband) house. One Monday evening I got into my bed and noticed a funky smell. It smelled really really vomit. I pulled my bed away from the wall...and IT WAS VOMIT! She had let her brother, who was visiting, sleep on my bed the weekend before. He got so sloppy drunk that he puked in the crevice between my bed and the wall! :throwup:

    I was so upset after that, that I informally moved out. Good riddance!
  9. came home to my apartment to find my roomate had tried to commit suicide. i don't think it was because of me!:sad:
  10. My dorm roommates were pretty bad. One was so spoiled that she would never clean up after herself and would leave dishes everywhere. She would not do her laundry, she'd just shove it under her bed and buy new clothes. The other used to let her scary friends use my bed when I'd go home for the weekend. It would just creep me out not knowing what they did to my bed. :Push: I'd take my pillows/comforter home with me. :lol:
  11. Worst experience hands down is when my roommate pawned off my stuff. Yes!!! He took things out of my cupboard which I wouldn't notice immediately (e.g. fan heater, spare stereo) and sold it to cash converters!
  12. ..omg hahahaha that must have been some shock to get over. what did you do to him!?
  13. I'm livin it baby!! Oooh lord! When haven't I had a bad roomate situation is the real question. I'll stick with the current situation for now...a couple, my DH had known the guy in high school moved into our house with us. Firstly, they never ever clean or take out the trash or clean the george foreman, I'm a vegetarian and I don't want to look at rotting meat for days on the damn thing. They let their big rottweiler bleed....yes BLEED all over our floors and carpeting, I swear they sleep in her period blood, because she sleeps in their bed with them.
    They just went away and I had to vacuum their carpets upstairs because it was like a second black carpet of their dogs hair...completely covering everything, its the sickest thing you've ever seen.
    He has his sketchy friends over every single night for poker games and every single night they are loud and wake me up, as well as playing music which all happens in the room above my bedroom, so all I hear is the bass and it drives me crazy.
    We are now missing wine glasses, tea towels and various kitchen objects.
    They cannot pay their bills, they are so behind, and the LOSER guy (they have been here since January) so for these 6 or so months he has not had a fully time job!! he keeps getting fired. We heard that he got fired for stealing pills!! oh yes, pills from some poor persons house he was working on (he does tile). So while his wife works full time he plays golf, and then the poker games, and they cannot make rent or anything else. This means we have to get bills pushed back to accomodate them!
    He's the biggest mooch in the world, for the first three months every single night he would knock on our door "hey man, uhh I was wondering if maybe I could borrow your guitar for a little while tonight, I promise I'll put it right back after I'm done blah blah blah blah" I wish you could hear his voice too...I need to make a recording for everyone to listen to LOL! Every night something different, and p.s. he has his own guitar. He borrows money, and then has poker games which are ten dollar buy ins, etc.
    He lets his loser friends stay here while he's not in the house, which makes me rage because I have an irrational fear of someone doing something mean to my dog. Also I get surprised by them...and I don't want them here. They are all just as bad.
    I'm sure I'm missing something, but trust me when I say worst roomates ever...thank god we are moving out at the end of the month! I will be ecstatic!!

    I have plenty more stories of previous roomates hahah ...bad luck!
  14. Want BAD Room mate stories?? All i can say is she was dirty, spoilt, and out of her mind.

    1) Room mate has a cold and finds an old tshirt on the floor (room is so messy with her stuff you can't see the timber floors) - blows her nose into the t-shirt - and flings it onto my bed.

    2) Room mate has had no underwear for a month - Wears dresses and sits with legspread everywhere - I do NOT want to see Vagina in my face in a small single double bedroom.

    3) She also has holes for some reason i the crotches of her jeans - again legspread without underwear and holes in jeans.

    3) I buy box of 30 tampons - she uses all of them in 3 days

    4) Her diet consists of milk and meat. She does not through her milk cartons or coffee cups away. At one stage - there must have been 30 half used coffee and milk cartons perching in our already disastrously messy room. Stale milk always spilt on my bedsheets. When I tell her to clean up - she replies "Well at home, they just magically disappear" - obviously since her mommy needs to clean up after her.

    5) She would not let me come into the room and study after 11pm even though it was OURS. She said I disturbed her sleep - even though I had no lights on and was typing softly on a laptop.

    6) She was so dirty a bottle of shampoo lasted her a whole year as bodywash and shampoo in one. Her sister borrowed my products when they came to visit

    7) I came back after a meeting to discover 3 people sleeping in my bed. Apparently her friends from another college came to visit and she gave them my bed to sleep in - I ended up sleeping on a couch in a common room.

    8) She'd walk around the room naked when my bf was around just to scare him. (how??why??)

  15. Let me tell you. My roommate during freshman year... AHRKLAJGHDSG!! :censor: She was the worst possible roommate EVER. Drove me nuts- so much that I never went to my room. I just informally moved in with my bf!

    Three examples:

    1. She was from a really rural area and had never met an Asian person before. So I was the first Korean person she had ever seen.. and she couldn't deal with, I guess, the Asian-ness of some of my stuff. She would always rudely comment on my ramen or dry seaweed microwaveable rice or whatever else that she had never seen before..
    "What the F- is that?!" :hysteric:She not only did this to me but every other Asian person on our floor- even went so far as to tell my guy friend (who was half white/half chinese) that whatever he was eating (it was simple porridge!!) was "disgusting" and that she would never touch it. She even complained to the RA that the smell was giving her a headache!!

    2. She would bring over her random boyfriends (because there. were. so. many!!!) and take over the room. Whether it be 7AM, when her ex-boyfriend from home would come with her allowance and food, or 3AM, with some random ass frat guy that she picked up at a party... my presence never deterred her from doing whatever she had to do. One time, she even started undressing while I was THERE!!! The guy was like "uhh dude your roommate is still here" and she was like *giggle* "noo she understands!" :mad: She's had sex with so many guys while I was asleep and I WOULD WAKE UP because of her and inevitably end up in the hallway, pissed off as hell.

    3. She would always move my stuff around to fit her needs. SHe would take my stuff off the bookshelf because she needed space for her mac n cheese. She would take the cabinet space because she wanted to move it next to her table for her dvd player. She would eat my chocolates while I was sleeping and then claim that she asked me while I was sleeping (and I had apparently said yes). She would put her sh-t on my desk and then when I put it back on her desk, she would PUT IT BACK. Am I being petty? IT WAS MY SPACE!!!!!!!!!

    LOL Okay I need to calm down. BUT SO MANY MORE HORROR STORIES. She slept with sooooo many guys and would come back drunk sooo much- and then she would talk about how she was SOOO smart. She wanted to be pre-med when she first came and was majoring in molecular cell biology.. and then one day decided that she was going to do political science and economics- when I asked her why.. "BECAUSE IT SOUNDS GOOD!"


    I am soooo happy I am not living with her next year. I would've died if it hadnt been for my bf.. :love: