Your Worst/Most Embarrassing Moment at School?

  1. I think today would take the cake for the most embarrassed I've ever been in my 15+ years of school. I've been up all night for the last 2 days studying and writing papers so I wasn't exactly coherent when my Philosophy prof e-mailed me and asked me to participate in a game. (Something about guessing numbers to a problem and if you guessed right you won a prize)

    So I go to class and he has all our names listed on the board with the number we had guessed beside it. Apparently the right answer was supposed to be 0 and I had missed the mark by a whopping 34 points. A couple of other people picked 30 and a few picked 20. So he asks the class "Who picked the highest number?" (As if it wasn't apparent enough by the HUGE 34 right next to my name up on the screen.) And the class answers SARAH. So I'm feeling pretty :shame: by now, but nooo he has to make it even better.

    The professor goes, "Well apparently Sarah is really stupid or thinks that the rest of us are to have picked an average that high." And the class starts laughing. But that's still not enough for the prof...he has to come over to where I'm sitting and directly ask, "Well is that what you think Sarah? That we're really stupid?" And I'm like "No. :sad: " And he's like, "Well I guess we know what that means!"

    Ouchhh. I know I'm not exactly the smartest person in the world when it comes to philosophy but that's the first time a teacher has ever called me outright STUPID in front of a whole class. I kind of wanted to cry afterwards.. what does a professor get from humiliating a student? Just because I got one logic problem wrong I get to be labeled stupid in front of a whole class :sad:

    I honestly hope I never see anyone in that class again bc now every time they see my name they're going to think "Oh it's that stupid girl." :cry: :cry:

    Sorry for the long rant girls!! I'm just super upset right now.
  2. OMG I would complain to his superior! That is so WRONG for him to do! And Where did he come up with 0????
  3. That is beyond wrong for a Proff to do. But if it's any consolation, I think most people in your class are probably shocked at what he did and won't think you're stupid, or they will forget the whole episode all together.
  4. It is so wrong for a prof to mock a student :huh: That's just appalling...
  5. Omg. That's awful. Maybe you should file a complaint against him? Honestly there is no reason for a professor to speak to a student this way. He acted very inappropriately he should be ashamed of himself.
  6. Thanks girls! I really hope no one remembers... I'm completely mortified :shame: I wish I could tell someone! But no one takes students seriously if they complain about a professor in college. They just assume the student always did something wrong. :sad:
  7. HUGS to you! I think that kind of behavior is really unprofessional and unacceptable. You should report him to the department chair or a dean. It's one thing to tell someone that they are wrong about something, but another to humiliate someone unfairly.

    If it's any consolation, you can bet that your classmates were really glad that it was not them - that they weren't laughing at you. I'm so sorry that your professor was a jerk. Feel's Friday!
  8. I used to think the same way until a similar thing happened in one of my classes this year. The student filed a complaint with the department head and it was actually taken very seriously. I think the Proff got in some trouble and the student got a formal apology from its worthy a try!
  9. AWWGH !!! How embarrassing ! I'm so sorry. The prof was incredibly insensitive, obviously not realizing how words like that can affect a person. You are certainly within your rights to complain.
  10. Oh man. Your professor's a jerk! That kind of treatment is totally unacceptable. If I were you I would definitely file a complaint or something.

    I know how you feel though. I'm a perfectionist so whenever I do something wrong or get embarassed I don't forget it. Agh I still remember something back in 3rd grade!
  11. I think that professor sucks with a capital S. I'd like to know at what point during his schooling to get his teaching credentials did "student humiliation" enter into any of his syllabus? syllabi? see, I'm the one thats stupid!!!
  12. Since we are on Most Embarrassing Moments (too many to name in school) I think my most embarrassing moment EVER in my life was when I went to a reunion party for a company I used to work for. We all had not seen each other in a couple of years at that point. This woman walks up to me with a gentleman on her arm, introducing him to me as her new husband. They had been married for only about a year. Now, this woman was wearing an empire waisted smock that looked like a maternity top (I think you see where I'm going with this) and me being a very naive, socially awkward 20 year old, proceeds to ask her, "oh, are you with child?" And God bless her, she just looked me straight in the eye and said, "no, I'm just fat!" Everyone around us spit up their drinks and were on the floor laughing. I just wanted to crawl under a rock. I guess I wouldn't have felt so bad had I not actually patted her on the stomach as I was asking her the question.
    I'll never get over that.:shame:
  13. Sparkles---Sorry that happened to you! I'd be so mortified! Hopefully the class will be back to normal next time. If the prof keeps it up I'd suggest a complaint maybe when the semester ends.

    Bagnshoo---Hahahaha I'd want to disappear after that one LOL.
  14. The Prof was out of line! I'm sure the students in the class will recognize that, so you don't need to be embarassed. HUGS
  15. Being in collge almost a year, I'm no longer surprised by professors. It can be really hard. You want to be known, not just another face, but sometimes trying sucks when you make a mistake. So many of them are jaded from working so many years. I'm sorry he was a jerk. I don't think you're stupid if you try.