Your worst makeup mistakes! Don't be shy, admit them!

  1. What was the worst makeup no-no you now realize you've made? Maybe you saw an old photo of yourself and cringed! Maybe you found an old pale pink shimmery lipstick that sent shivers down your spine!

    Of course what could have looked bad on you would have been great on someone else, so this is not bashing one kind of look perse... Just something that was wrong on YOU!

    Mine was... I'm dark haired with tan skin and brown eyes... And in my late teens I thought wearing pale blue eyeliner was cool :push: <- major cringe!
    Fortunately I didn't apply too much of it, but nevertheless it was WRONG! LOL

    So how about you guys? Let's hear those stories!:popcorn:
  2. Too much too tan foundation + white shirt + warm weather + no powder = "stonewashed face" and ruined shirt... :sad:
  3. I was looking at some older pics of me when I was a young teenager and I was just beginning to use makeup.....can you say WAY too much eyeliner?!! God....I look like a raccoon in soooo many pics.....YUCK!

  4. ^ second that.. and i did little flicks by myeyes.. hahai thouhght they were little. i was wrong
  5. LOL! :roflmfao:
  6. When I was a teen, I would do things like try to match eye shadow or lipstick to my clothing.

    Just because the color looks good on you when it's a top does not mean it will look good on your eyes or lips, in fact, you can almost guarantee that it will look just awful! :biggrin:
  7. I was a big fan of pink/mauve eyeshadow from when I was about 16-18. *shudder*
  8. ...frosted? :roflmfao:
  9. It was the 80's ... of course it was frosted! Sometimes I matched with my (Mary Kay? I can't remember the brand) lipgloss. I have some truly terrible photos.
  10. I tried the dark lipliner and lined eyes years ago. I thought I looked okay but everytime I see my pics from back then, I cringe. I'm asian and it really didn't suit my features IMO.
  11. when i first started wearing makeup (around 16/17 or so)... i put on too much of everything.

    i wear less makeup now... i don't do eye makeup, since i rub my eyes often throughout the day. just some concealer, lip gloss, and i'm good to go.
  12. Thankfully I was not allowed to wear make up in the 80's (born in 78) So I don't have any pictures of me with crazy blue eyeshadow or any other sort of 80's make up. I do however see my cousin who is 6 years older than me in those pictures and I laugh my butt off.

    I have, in plenty of ocasions may I add, had too much time on my hands waiting for my boyfriend to be ready (:confused1: ) so I start getting great ideas like putting sparkles here and there and a little bit more of this and that and next thing you know there is just too much crap on my face....thankfully I realize this before anyone else and I start all over....the problem is that I keep doing it every so often...:shrugs: :wacko:
  13. Wearing I just wear tinted moisturizer, concealer and powder! :smile:
  14. Dark burgundy lipstick, then darklipliner with chapstick, and my all time fav boo boo of white eyeliner! hahahah
    Teen years!
  15. Dark lipstick... ehh... terrible!