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  1. My wish list has but one item upon it...
    I wish my birthday would hurry up so I can get my sticky mitts on my small Bays clutch!
    She is THE bag I always wanted Mulberry to make - I LOVE my little choccy Brooke but always wished I could get a version with a postman's lock, plain strap and possibly no end pockets... I adore her size for day and night but dreamt of a version with more Bays than Roxy DNA, iykwim. So when I saw small Bays clutch I thought I had died and gone to heaven. I'm not joking - if I could've designed my own Mulberry, she woul've been it.
    I can't wait to bond with her and have fun using her in all manner of ways - clutch, her own strap, Brooke's strap, messenger style... She may be the only bag I'll ever need! (Did I really just say that?!)

  2. Oooh, that purple bag is gorgeous :love: I wonder what it is....
  3. ^^ Those 'with lock' ones, I think BC commented somewhere the name will be 'Angelina'.

    Blue/purple one is fab colour, ITA!!

    However my wishlist is empty :amuse:
  4. Thanks, ratrat :tup: I think I would perhaps remove the padlock as it would be mega heavy and a faff to get into. Stunning bag, though. It looks totally purple on my work computer - is it more blue than purple?
  5. Mmmm difficult to say, less purple than Shimmy's purple or RN - more purple than R.A.F spongy ones?? Wonder what they are going to call this colour!?

    Re. 'Remove the padlock' - isn't that kind of defeating the object, I mean the lock being the main feature?? Sorry not criticising at all, just a discussion! :greengrin:
  6. Difficult one, looking at the new season bags! I like so many of them.
    Still have the Mitzy Medium Hobo in RN on my wish list and the emerald Bays makes me drool. Both the leopard Bays clutches are divine, but I would only use them with the strap. Love the cerise Shimmy Tote. Oak quilted Shimmy Hobo.... and on and on and on....
    On they have the Mabel Hobo in Oak, which I quite like.

    Then there are some of the older styles, I'm still hankering after, like a choc Ivy Bays or an oak Bays. This will all have to wait for quite some time now...
  7. I feel the same Mssw, I love the choc and oak 2 tone bags at the minute, I almost bought the o/c two tone phoebe that MM had on evilbay, but when i went back to look at it in all it's loveliness it had gone!! I also love the o/c two tone Elgin but they rarely surface.
  8. :thinking: hmmmm, green, perhaps?! :roflmfao:

    Well, strictly, the padlock is a feature of the Bayswater and should be hung off the postman's lock but nobody does :nogood: If it was strictly decorative, like the Paddington, maybe I would keep it on there. But if you had to open & remove the padlock every time you opened the bag? No way would I leave it on there. I'd end up losing it at the till in Sainsburys or something :lol:
  9. ^^ I see what you mean... I bet it's just decorative, however now you mention Paddington, I feel less positive tbh. The bracelets (with the same lock hanging down) are reminder of Hermes watch and the bag is of Paddinton - hmmm - Oh we will have to see them irl anyway!! ;)
  10. Now that I have 1 hobo, I hope to get another one in the next sales!!
  11. My wish list has one bag on it. Red Patent printed bays with matching purse please :love: Roll on Christmas!!
  12. Is it just me noticing this, but they seem to be naming their bags after US celebrities? unless there are UK celebs with these names - Audrina, Angelina..

    Is this their favoured market at the moment?
  13. on my wish list for wen i finally manage to sell my saskia is a stunning sludge suede bays clutch or a red printed croc bays clutch.....:smile:..will probs have to wait till december or later until hubby's totally forgot my balenciaga splurge...
  14. black patent e/w
  15. Bays is no1, getting it late January.

    But I'm always tempted by the older Mulberry styles, thinking another old messenger style or a duffle bag.

    Also totally connecting with the small bays clutch, it's so elegant. But because I dress rather classic I've been thinking about the Daria Clutch in cerise, it would cheer up my oh so A4 going out outfits (jeans and a black top or a black dress). But Daria doesn't have a strap which is soo convenient!
    What are you thinking?:shrugs:

    And I'm probably getting the classic Mulberry scarf in Ecru - love the colour!:love:
    But that could easily be a Christmas gift from BF or parents :balloon:

    I shouldn't even be considering anything other than Bays and the scarf. But maybe a clutch? Hmm:sneaky:

    Will the small bays clutch be on sale, or are they too popular? How about the Daria Clutch?