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  1. my wish list changes by the week but this week it stands at:

    battered oak roxanne (very lived in)
    Bays clutch (black prob tho love the coral leopard)
    oak mitzy tote
    Alfie in choc or oak
    something orange!!!! But not suede.....

    oh and a purse.
  2. If it should be in the next sales: Shimmy hobo in tumbled rouge noir leather with the dark silver hardware.
  3. i'm liking the large bays clutch !
  4. Okay, I've just seen mamab's new small Bays clutch and it's now officially back on my wishlist. Ignoring the fact that DH and I rarely go out anywhere that would require me to have such a cute little clutch bag, I WANT ONE!!!!!!!!
  5. All i want are.....;);)

    Oak large bayswater or oak printed bayswater
    Stone bays
    Black patent bays
  6. Well I love, love, love oak.

    My wishlist, all in oak of course :heart:

    +Small Bayswater Clutch
    +Mini Coin Purse

    And I'm not sure if I like Joelle Pochette.. I think I do. Hmm.
  7. Still hoping for an elusive ginger Rosemary to head my way.
  8. Narrowed it down to oak Bays, and only that.

    And perhaps some small leathers if I can get some from the sale or at the airport when buying the Bays:smile:

    And a scarf, but that'll be a birthday gift, lucky I was born in November, a scarf will make the perfect gift!
  9. My current wishlist is:

    Chocolate Bloomsbury (know that I know what its name is! - thanks again Mulberry Ellie).
    Oak Antony and
    Black Bayswater
  10. Wonder if bthis will now get closed down too!
  11. ^^ Jo i was wondering where your thread went ? Oh bugger I was hoping to find that coat !
  12. I don't know where the thread went- i assume it was closed down!!!! Bit sad if you can't even talk about what bag you are looking for!
  13. mssw157 - Oak Roxy / choc Ivy bayswater
    minimouse- ginger Rosemary
    bevw56- taupe E/W shimmy
    lea-m - E/W bays in ginger
    Orkneydaisy - Laurie / anything in ginger darwin!
    LuvTare - Emmy- any colour!
    Crystal tips - Oak Elgin - in good condition
    Mulberry Ellie -Olive darwin bays or Ledbury / Ginger darwin bays or Ledbury
    Flossie - somewhere that mail orders Jaeger coats!!!!
    Hulahoop - Oak or chocolate Julia
    Slowhand - NEW DARWIN oak roxanne
  14. i'm also thinking a lot about a chocolate east west bays - oh dear!
  15. haha- you've got mulberryitis bev! It's v contagious!
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