Your wish list

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  1. Hm, how exciting! Wonder which bag that could be?! Any all?? :graucho:
  2. ^^^ something pink!
  3. Pink as in cerise... or pink pink?? Could it be a shimmy, daria hobo or satchel? Or abigail? hairy bays? (but you don't like hairy do you?!)
  4. or is it a clutch?
  5. ^^ its not from the new range. I dont want to say too much as Im going to sleep on it!
  6. Lavendar roxanne?
  7. Hi. Hope I'm not posting in the wrong place. But I would really appreciate your advice on where to get an Effie or a Georgie, as I understand that they are discontinued. Is it just a question of getting the outlets to let me know if / when they get any in or is ebay the way to go? Any ideas on what they go for in the sale or second hand?

    Appreciate your thoughts
  8. Wish list now stands at:

    Bays- Oak, Choc or Black or all 3
    Elgin- as above
    Phoebe- Choc or oak
  9. Well I wont be getting the 'something pink'... slept on it last night, went to work today still thinking about it... decided I would get it... came home and went on ebay... someone had already BIN'ed it! Ah well, it wasnt meant to be! :nogood:
  10. Hi Hecky

    Sorry if your post has got missed.

    Would say your best bet is either Ebay or eg Lovehandbags, as these 2 styles are no longer made, and don't think would show up in an Outlet now.

    Good luck with your quest!
  11. Okay my wish list.... for when I get money... which will be never at this rate.
    Midnight mabel probadly in antiqued leather... keep drolling over one on ebay but brashic so cannot do that.
    Oak Bays
    Black cracked bays
    Think thats it for ultimate collection
  12. Hmmm, wish list:
    Burgundy Antony
    Denim Mabel
    Oak Mitzy Messenger
    maybe a Mabel shoulder bag...
    very restrained I think!
  13. Downsizing aside.............

    Sludge Suede Croc Bays (need to see IRL though.......and come with hefty discount)
    Butterscotch/Maize Suede Croc Bays (ditto)
    Olive Darwin Bays
    Ginger Darwin Bays
    Green Congo Bays (along with a set of rockinghorse teeth)
    Flossie's Grey Bentley Bays
  14. I want an oak bays now. Plus the lovely (I hope!) mabel hobo in emerald...