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  1. I am never posting on this wish list again, because psychologically it makes it real then I hunt it down and buy it!!! So I am trading this thread for Teddies Sofa!
  2. You know, the last couple of days Ive been thinking about a bays... dont know why, never thought it would suit me, but I *just* cant stop thinking about it....:shrugs:
  3. Oooh, a Bays would look FAB on you Hula! What colour? Choc? Oak? Or something more colourful?
  4. My wishlist has completely changed recently! I am desperate for a green bag - I had hoped for mabel hobo or Mitzy hobo but they are too blue green IRL. I am now thinking of a Bays like Jenova's gorgeous one but have a feeling it will be like finding Hens teeth. Can anyone suggest a bag that comes in a true vibrant green (not olive/apple)?

    I am also lusting after the Daria Hobo in Grey, Daria Satchel in Burnt Orange and an Oak printed Bays, also quite fancy a Choc bays after seeing KLP's!
  5. charliefarlie - what about another Poppy .. or would that be overkill? They did that in a nice bright green didnt they?
  6. Putty leopard print bays for me. HoF dundrum are not getting them in!! Everyone please keep all your fingers and toes crossed that they can order me one .
  7. Good Idea! I love Poppy so much, it could be worth having two..
  8. They should be able to order anything in, that is current stock! Look forward to seeing the reveal!! :graucho:
  9. Worth ringing the outlets then .. see what they have! Good luck!!
  10. Thank you for that glimmer of hope LMM. The SA's didn't seem too sure!
  11. Oh, they are beautiful! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

    The coral leopard bays clutch is on my list, and I've got one on hold!:graucho: Then it can rain all autumn... I will be safe with the patent bays:lol: (well not totally true, I hope this rainy/ unstable weather stops soon, there are a few others I would like to use too...)

    Other than this bag, and my RN beauty (HG#2) coming in October/November, my Mulberry wish list now contains an oak roxy and bays. I feel I *need* those some day.. but that is in the (distant) future - def not this year..

  12. Oak - have no idea why I have been thinking of it because I never thought I could rock a bays, but who knows... anyway its on hold for the moment... something has caught my eye big-time today :love: I need to figure out which ones in my collection I can bear to live without, and then *maybe* buy this lovely one, if its still there :drool:
  13. Is it something in your wish list (in your signature..) or something else?? Colour??

    Oak bays is gorgeous, and I'm sure your will rock it!

    I think oak bays is a classic one 'must' have IF one likes bays ( and oak of course lol). I'll enjoy my E/W for a while, but I'm sure I'll end up with one some day..
  14. ^^^ something else!
  15. Oooh, Hula, I'm intrigued! What bag made you think of selling some of your existing collection?!

    Btw, you'd totally rock an oak Bays!