Your wish list

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  1. I wish I didn't love Mulberry :love:
  2. ^^^ me too! I would have a whole load more disposible cash, and probably a better wardrobe :nuts:
  3. I don't really mind because I don't want to buy clothes as I've put weight on again and because we have two young children we don't go out much or go on exotic hols. Its all I spend my money on and I like it so there!
  4. Bluecat, I'm with you 100%. We don't go on holiday aside from the occasional weekend 'staycation', haven't had a night out together for 4 years as we've noone to babysit (but dd is 12 now so won't be long before we can again!). I don't like clothes shopping much, although I'm partial to rummaging in second hand shops for vintage gems which aren't usually very expensive.
    My bags are my 'treat', the only thing I spend money on. Me and dh recently quit smoking, I only smoked about ten a week with my Friday night vino and he was on about ten a day, but we've worked out we're saving about £120 a month. That's almost £1500 a year! Which is one reason why Mr Bride has bought me a new bag for my birthday. It's money which would've literally gone up in smoke otherwise!
    I'm satisfied with my family for now but there may well be a wishlist come sale time. Particularly if the Daria satchel in black and Mitzy coin purse in rn are reduced......
  5. My wishlist has changed a bit I think:

    I'd now love:-

    Black Daria Tote
    Oak Antony
    Oak Somerset Shoulder Bag
    possibly a Black Bayswater

    I'm sure this will change again soon.
  6. Have I mentioned my wish list to you?!! :nuts::lol::lol::greengrin:
  7. I don't think you have Hula. What is it??? LOL
  8. I know I should stop buying - still paying off one of my recent purchases! and already thinking about the next one. Maybe a chocolate Annie or a Chocolate Phoebe or a two toned one not sure as I already have a phoebe and really should by a different style..... maybe a mollie.............. Hmm maybe a new mitzy medium hobo in RN - oh decisions decisions! NO really I need to buy some clothes but hate clothes shopping.
  9. My wishlist is empty. OK, no it's not. My wishlist is to get another silver horse head keyring to replace the one that broke. I also wish for the cute heart shaped purse in cracked gold. I also wish to use my current bags enough that I can brutally cull having had enough use out of some of them.
  10. Claire, I hope another horse keyring appears for you. :smile:

    My wish is for a lottery win and lots more nights out with DH so that I can ask for a small Bays clutch in black wrinkled patent for Christmas!
  11. Ditto KLP. Nights out with DH would be lovely (my DH not yours!). Don't need a clutch though as I have black belle that has detachable handle so can be used as a clutch and she is very pretty.
  12. :lol::roflmfao:
  13. Yes, little things like that can do wonders. I never really knew how much I spent on drinks (everyday after work) and on cigarettes until I forced myself to sit down and do the calculations. It is nearly 1/6 of my monthly salary! Managed to cut down on the drinks (which is superexpensive where I am) and ciggies (supercheap here but it's unhealthy) and I gotten my first Bayswater from it.

    Next on my list is a A4 Roxanne Tote, Maxi Mabel (Black) and if I could ever find the Elliot Tote in White
  14. Black or brown maxi mabel is on my wish list too- with black or oak bays and choc roxy/rosemary- and thats it. Ive got choc bays and oak roxy recently so Im extremely chuffed at the mo!!
  15. Hah :P
    Decided on just getting the oak Bays for now (well not in a few months). And purchase others things (not bags) as well this year. But if small Bays clutch is going on sale, I'll get it :amuse: