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  1. Ladies, I thought it might be fun to hear which bags are on your wish list, even though you all have enough to supply the next generation :nuts:

    You must all have decided on what bag you want from the sale?

    I want
    Roxanne A4 tote, chocolate
    - For week days, going to uni and looking just fab

    Bays, oak
    - The classic above all others. Can't wait to get mine and see the leather aging. I'll give her all my love to make sure she ages like a lady

    Shimmy (perhaps e/w), taupe or straw
    - A laid back, yet elagant and cool bag. I like that it's not in the classic Mulberry colours.

    Mitzy messenger, black
    - I like the bags I can have across the body. This one i like especially because its so slouchy.

    Planner/agenda, maybe natural leather chocolate. Btw what is the exact difference? The size? If so I need a planner!

    Heart Keyring, red

    If I had all these bags (and some other smaller clutches I'd be the happiest Mulberry girl in Norway!). As you can tell from my list I've only just begun my wishing, saving and buying :P
  2. My wishlist is currently empty, however, I saw a woman carrying a barnaby messenger at the weekend and thought it looked gorgeous!

    I'm hoping to get a Mulberry zip wallet for my birthday next week and the only other thing i'd like would be a brass heart keyring.
  3. Planner is big and heavy, I have one :smile: I leave it on my desk at home as it's too heavy to carry around.

    Think my next bag might be black mabel hobo unless Mulberry pull something else out that I like. If not I might consider Balenciaga.
  4. I want a shoulder bag for evenings out (not a clutch) and a new keyring :P.
  5. No plans for the sale then?
    I dont believe you:nogood:

    Maple, would you recommend the Agenda instead? Is that better to carry around all the time? I'm worried the pages might get too small..

    PS I love your new bag, the coulour was fab, to me that's a bag that can be worn all year round! :amuse:
  6. mabel hobo - black! yippppppppppeeeeeeeeeeeee
  7. I want a Jenah bag! Not the tote or the pouch but the medium size. Haven't decided on the color yet though. Still, it's expensive... Hope I'll find one on sale! Think the're gorgeous, like a younger and more updated version of the classic Chanel 2.55.
  8. Dare I say another Roxanne :nuts: the lipstick looks TDF
    I would also like the Mabel hobo in butterscotch. Maple yours looks positively gorgeous. I have only seen the regular mabel in this colour and the messenger in black but the two combined together...Wow!
    A card wallet would be good too. We carry so much plastic around these days with various store cards, loyalty point cards etc.
    A brass and a silver keyring too!
  9. oh exciting, a few people wanting mabel hobos, teddie I am still hopeful Mulberry will put butterscotch back in stock for the sale for you all.

    I'll start a club and hope that some of you will join me soon.

    Thanks Thea and Teddiescorner for the compliments.

    Thea the planner is very heavy, I wouldn't recommend carrying it around. That said even I find the planner space in the diary quite small for my handwriting (7 days over two pages), therefore I am probably going to order different diary content from them - if it fits my diary - was consider one page per day. Perhaps see if the agenda has the option to have a page per day diary?
  10. I join Teddies on the lipstick Roxy! Saw one in our local dept store and have been salivating over it, although it might be more useful to get a choc or oak one. I'll see what they mark it down to in the sale...
    Black Mabel Hobo would be another favourite. I don't have a black bag and that would looks very attractive to me. Nothing else really from the sale, only older styles that are on my list.
  11. In the US sale lipstick Roxy was marked down to about £500 and mabel hobo £370, less the 10% discount for early preview. Hope they have some left!
  12. Something black? poss black Ledbury, although i'm in no hurry!
    Like the look of the rouge noir colour, so if they made this in the right bag, who knows :graucho:
  13. A dillion please:yahoo: just a dillion in choccy or ginger. 2.5 years and still waiting.:nuts:.

    Also a gap roxanne in grey or red. and a woody in choccy also.

    but a dillion :yahoo:.
  14. From the sale - I will see what's available and decide - Shoulder Mabel is on top of the list, followed by Mabel Hobo.

    From A/W09 I shall have one whole patent Bays - rouge noir or mono leopard Bays!

    And one day I will have Ostrich Bays....don't know when...:rolleyes:
  15. I'd like the Jenah pouch in black, the A4 Roxanne tote in black lightweight antiqued leather with silver hardware, the silver horse keyring and silver cufflinks from the sale.
    I'd like a funky Bays, possibly secondhand.
    I'd like a Blenheim and maybe a Brooke.
    And, most of all, I'd like my Ledbury, paid for ages ago, to show up!