Your Wealthy , So Gift Accordingly ??

  1. Should the wealthier half of a friendship be expected to give more expensive gifts ?
  2. No, because gifts shouldn't have a dollar amount attached to it. It's always the thought and consideration that counts : ) For example, when i give a gift, I think about what the person needs or would like, in fact, i usually have the gift way before the occasion (b-day or christmas).
  3. no it is not the money that counts but the gesture and the tgoughts that went into the present .
  4. no way!

    there should be no expectation level w/ gifts.
  5. I agree- it is always the thought that counts! Of course, diamonds are always a nice touch! :P:lol:
  6. I really dont think that the wealthier person should be expected to purchase a more expensive gift.

    This actually hits pretty close to home. Last year I purchased a Coach diaper bag for a friend of mine that was pregnant. This is for someone that has NEVER purchased ANYTHING for me EVER. When my birthday came up that same year I didnt even get a happy birthday. Before that I purchased her wedding ring for them (which they paid me back for in $20 dollar bills for some weeks...:rant: ) Now she is due for her second child and I am seriously considering not purchasing them anything. Its not like they cant afford to buy anything for me it just seems like they dont care to.
  7. I don't think so!! Although, I always end up buying expensive gifts, because I have an expensive taste (I'm not wealthy;))
  8. No! Beacuse if the wealthier person gave the "cheaper" person an expensive gift, the "cheaper" person might feel obligated to spend extra when the wealthier persons birthday rolls around.

    Also, I don't think that the cost really matters- as long as the person likes it and there was thought put into it!
  9. Definitely not. It's the thought that goes into each gift that I appreciate. I probably spend a disproportionate (spelling???) amount of income on gifts because I LOVE giving gifts. It's fun for me. And I generally put a lot of thought into the gifts I give. I don't expect gifts in return but I do appreciate a thoughtful gift.

    One of my good friends made me a gift for my wasn't expensive but it means the world to me! And it's on my desk right now. :smile:

    I will say though that when I know someone is fairly wealthy and they get some cheap junk and put no thought into it...that is annoying. But I'd be annoyed if it were cheap junk from someone who wasn't wealthy. :smile:
  10. Absolutely not!
  11. The gifts should be based on the relationship and that persons style.

    Hey I have some wealthy friends one can by me a Croc Birkin :yahoo:

    :tender: With the Diamonds:tender:
  12. I don't know. I have a friend who I make more money than, at least 3x as much, and I always try to pay for more when we go out, even if its lunch. He gets me really cute inexpensive presents all the time, but when I get something for him I do spend more. I think it depends also on the friendship, the length of time you've known them, and the money disparity.

    Of course I think that the poster who buys the nice presents for her friends (i.e. Coach diaper bag) and doesn't get anything, even a card, in return should seriously but something much cheaper - if at all - for the next child.
  13. Not in my opinion, but it sure does seem that way. My best friend hasn't wished me happy birthday/bought me a present in two years. I did both years, but didn't buy her anything this year. We were having a conversation about how her B/F hadn't gotten her anything yet and she was like ", my best friend, haven't exactly gotten me anything EITHER." I just told her flat-out she didn't give me anything so I didn't do it for her. I didn't bother to mention the year before when she never even acknowledged that I'd had a birthday at all (at least this year I got a happy belated). And I do have more money than her, and I do feel bad about it sometimes, but I don't feel like that's any reason for me to have to live up to stupid double-standards. I don't want to look cheap, so I buy her cute things, not tacky things, but they're not expensive at all.
  14. pluck no. It's the gift that counts, not how much it costs.
  15. No! I agree w/ everyone. It's the thought that counts, it should be something more thoughtful w/ meaning than pricey.