"Your watched item has been relisted" not my watched items?

  1. You know those emails you get from eBay saying an item you were watching has been relisted? about 75% of the time, it's not the item I was watching. it is the same type of item (bag, wallet, etc) but no where close to the same bag.

    Just wondering if it's a faulty eBay service or it's just me.
  2. Seller may have sold the bag off eBay but is using the relist facility with a new item that way they get first list fees back if it sells. Silly thing to do as buyers notice this as you have just proved. Surprised ebay doesn't pick up that it is a different item & take it down. I would never do this not worth it as not very professional!
  3. Phew. I thought it was just me.
  4. sounds like phishing to me. . .
    I watch dozens of items and often some are relisted. . . I've never received an e-mail like that.
    Seller's don't know who is watching their items.
  5. this happens to me all the time, especially with swarovski ornaments, it seems.
  6. Coincidentally I got one of those today for the first time and the item wasn't even on my watched list.
  7. It's nothing suspicious.

    Like BA says, the seller has used the -relist- option on an item that they were selling that you -were- watching, but ended without a sale. eBay sends you the email automatically, the seller did not send you the email.

    I've done it before. :shame: That is, I was auctioning an item and it didn't sell. And because ebay refunds you the relisting fee if the item sells the second time, I used the relist function to sell something I know would sell... And if it does sell in the relisting, I only end up paying the listing fee for the second listing - the first listing fee is refunded. Saves me money! eBay takes enough of my money, why can't I take advantage of them?

    :wlae: Now that they started sending these emails to notify previous watchers, there's also extra exposure.
  8. That makes sense now. I get these relisting messages, too, when I have been watching other items from the same seller. I never understood it till now!
  9. I've never ever received a message like that from eBay.
    I watch an obscene amount of items too, like I think my watch list is close to 80 items now. . . obviously they won't all sell and some wil be relisted.
    Thank goodnbess I don't get a message everytime! Or ever for that matter!
  10. I get those all the time and almost everyone lately is something i wasn't watching. it took me a while to figure it out. the thing is i know why sellers do it but if they keep doing it and ebay catches on they are going to take away the option of us getting our relisting credit back because it's being abused and we're losing money. it really is not kosher.

  11. Ah, okay, that makes sense. I didn't think it was suspicious or anything, just odd.
  12. That's the sell similar. I don't think it used to do it with the old form.

    EBay lets you save 10 templates. After that, I go into my old auctions and find a listing format that closely matches what I am selling.
  13. I get those everyday too. It could be that an item didn't sell on eBay, but the seller is just using the relist button but listing something different. Like someone already suggested, they do this to try to recoup their listing fees.