Your Wardrobe: Strictly Luxe or Do you throw in Cheap and Chic?

  1. Hi All,
    I've always been a bag and shoe lover--got it from my mom! My ability to buy nice things has improved over the years, but I haven't turned my back on great buys like the occasional $10 t-shirt and the like. Admittedly, I can't afford to buy only luxe items, but I actually enjoy pairing an inexpensive black Mossimo sweater from Target with a pair of True Religions and a designer bag.

    What's your take on this? Are you strictly designer or do you mix?
  2. I absolutely mix it up! I have a very strict formula though and I can't see changing it up that much...

    Designer bags, shoes and sunglasses. Fine jewelry from my husband. Fashion jewelry I make (I'm a designer). Designer Jeans. Designer basics (jackets, black pants) from Nordstrom.

    After the above I start to loosen up a little. T-shirts from JCrew, The Gap, Banana. Button up shirts from JCrew. Random trendy items from H&M.
    Vintage find mixed in a little (usually coats). I love vintage coats.
  3. Definitely mix and match. As a poor college student, there's no way I can afford $3000 YSL cashmere sweater. I wish I could though. Anyway, I like to use designer handbags, shoes, and sunglasses and I pair them with Jcrew or Gap tees and 7FAM jeans.
  4. Jewelqueen and Breakfast Lover, I think we're on the same page. A good coat makes a difference, but underneath, I wouldn't think twice about a Hanes T with good jeans.
  5. I have a mix of designer jeans (Joe's, COH, 7s, etc) and non-designer jeans (Gap) and wear both equally. My tops are mall finds from Banana Republic, Limited, J Crew, and the like. I like to wear slightly higher-end coats and jackets....well, not that high end compared to many of you (Pink Tartan, BCBG, DKNY, etc). I wear shoes mostly purchased from Nordstrom, many are boring Kenneth Cole numbers.

    By far, the most high-end part of my wardrobe is ALWAYS my bags! If my jacket and my bag look high-quality and high-end, then the rest of me does by association! :smile:
  6. I don't have loads of non-designer stuff, but I do try!! I've got 2 shirts from Gap and a wool vest from Gap as well. But other than that, I wear motsly Armani Exchange basic pima cotton tees, Calvin Klein Underwear Tees/singlets and ck Calvin Klein.

    I do have a thing for premium jeans though.
  7. i mix and match too:smile: i like it.

    i don't have the funds as a fulltime student, but even if i did, it wouldn't be my style if i dressed head-to-toe in chanel either.
  8. I tend to buy designer because it's better quality, and especially for the fit. However, I love vintage, and will get something altered if I love the fabric or details. I have also found some last-season things at vintage stores, and those tend to be very inexpensive.
  9. I definitly mix and match!! (although I do mainly buy designer!)

    In the UK we have a fantastic high street, Topshop does really trendy items for a really good price, and Oasis is great for classic pieces and dresses.

    I would never buy jeans that werent designer, I have one pair of Topshop jeans that were £40, and they go baggy round the bottom, the difference in quality is astounding!

    I also love Jessica Simpson shoes! They're so cheap as well! They seem to fit me really well because they're narrow, I cant get enough of her shoe range!
  10. I definitely mix in the cheap with the designer! There are some great-looking, quality inexpensive clothing out there. And rarely can anyone tell the difference.
  11. I always mix and match. I'll wear one or two lux items and the rest will be cheap.
  12. My clothes are not expensive designer. I don't believe in spending a ton of money on clothes especially when you stay at home with small kids. That's not to say I can't pull together an expensive looking outfit. ;) The majority of my clothes are Gap, Ann Taylor, Banana Republic, etc... I do splurge on designer accessories such as my bags, sunglasses, scarves, etc..some designer jeans. I also invest in my jewelry. My style is simple & classic... I leave it to my accessories to really make an outfit.
  13. I too love too mix it up, nobody looks great in head to toe designer, its too identikit, like you have no fashion personality of your own.

    I have to admit that I personally do not spend money on high street or non designer handbags or shoes (except summer flipflops), as I think the quality of a good leather bag is hard to copy, but I love little top shop dresses, they have some fab tunic smock style tops that I always wear over my jeans, (hey im a mum when all is said and done, and cashmere is not all that practical in the real world).

    im happiest when I feel comfortable, and I am more than comfortable during the day in high street clothes as long as I carry a great bag and shoes, the evening ................... uh oh, thats another matter, I love good dresses too ;)
  14. I definitely mix it up... high-end, low-end, vintage.... I shop at sample sales so I rarely pay full price.
  15. My wardrobe is mostly contemporary designers but there's a couple cheap and chic items in there. I'm a sucker for cute items at a good price :love: