Your vote: MC Koala OR MC French Purse??

  1. Which one do you think it's better? Which will look bulkier when there are a lot of stuff in it? The MC French purse looks like an agenda; the leather will get dirty around the wallet, but it's so elegant though. However, when the leather shows patina, ppl can tell that your wallet is "old". MC koala doesn't have leather around the wallet on the outside so it won't get dirty that easily & it will always look "newer". I love the clear ID window, but the shape is so square though. What do you ladies think?[​IMG]
  2. [​IMG]
  3. I love all the koala wallets, but the french purse does look really cute in MC! I think the untreated leather is a deal breaker for me though, I'd have to go for the koala. I have it in damier and it really is the best wallet I've ever had. My only complaint is that the little button on the front gets scratched easily, but the MC one is shaped differently and looks flatter so I'm sure it'd be less of a problem.
  4. i love the koala! it's just so cute!
  5. i :heart: :heart: MC koala..

    the french is cute as well but i would be afraid with the vachetta though.
  6. i prefer the French Purse. the Koala wallet looks weird without the vachetta :huh:
  7. I like the french purse better.
  8. French Purse
  9. Tough choices! Both looks so nice.
  10. I like the look of the mc french purse (the vacetta would freak me out a little too though)...the koala I like better in damier or mono.
  11. The magnificent Koala. Nine cc slots! Cute zipper pull! Adorable closure!

    Here's mine:


  12. I have the Koala in white MC too...and I'm finding it a little too small for me...n there's only 1 billslot (not sure about the French purse)!?! Sometimes when I keep more change, the buckle's a bit difficult to clasp I find that I have to use a separate cles to keep my extra change. I'm beginning to think that I'm probably more suited for the French purse...I think u'll probably need to see your wallet personality to decide which will serve u better. Both are still deliciously pretty tho!
  13. I love the white MC Koala!:heart:
  14. jane: Your Koala wallet looks sooooo pretty!!! It stands out from the monogram. Love it!

    phwish: It good that you tell me the buckle is a bit difficult to clasp on when the wallet is full. I guess the button in the french purse is better. I like to use small wallet (like the porte monnaie plate)....the koala & the french purse is much bigger than the porte monnaie plate!
  15. I like the koala.