Your very first B Bag it also your last?

  1. My very first B bag was a Truffle Day. I then experimented with the first, city, work, messenger, pouchette, and purse. All I have remaining is a Day (not the Truffle), the Ink Purse and Sandstone Messenger. However, I am trying to sell the purse and messenger.

    I will only be left with the Day, which is right back to the beginning. The Day is my favorite style! I do love the Work but I'm not sure I want to spend the money on another one.

    What about you guys?
  2. No way, if I could I'd have one of each ... but for now I only have what I like. I do have my eye on a few more things ... so no, I'm not done yet. I love Bbags especially the different colors they come out with year after year, season after season.
  3. first for me was the day, then the city, work, first soon followed. love them all in their own way!
  4. My first B-bag was a white First (appropriately named!) followed by my Mogano City. I love the City and now have 3 more:smile: Definitely not my last B-bag!
  5. started with an olive twiggy in 05 and stopped for the longest time, bought a naturel GGH brief ss07 and a whole bunch more... ;) my latest one is my jaune coin purse. definitely branching out!
  6. I started with a PT... then Weekender, then Work, then Day, finally the City. Kinda backwards, LOL.

    I'd like to add a RH Step or Brief to my collection.
  7. Started with Twiggy then City and now I'm planning to get a Step.

    I would like to try out the Brief
  8. My first is the First then came the monk then the matelasse. My fav so far is the first. I've been thinking about getting the mini-bowler, city, and the purse, so we'll see.
  9. started with a twiggy, now I got citys, works, and PTs! however I have found that having all these in my possession, the twiggy no longer works for me... the work has become my fav followed by the GH PT and the city... I think I will ever get Bbags in these 3 styles...
  10. My first was a City and my last was a First, and everything in between. =o)-
  11. My very first is my 02 2nd season FBF that I bought back in 02.

    I then tried the City(when it came out in 03 along with the raised pewter HW), WE(in 03), Twiggy(when it was introduced in 04SS), and I tried the Work a year ago.

    Now, Work is my fav' style closely follwed by City. I use my WEs when I travel, but Twiggy isn't for me. I love the proportion of the First, but I kind of "grew out" of the size, although my FBF still remains as my fav' bag:love: