Your verdict on the Mitzy Messenger Bag

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  1. Just wondering what your thoughts are regarding the Mitzy messenger bag in Rouge Noir.
    Does anyone own one of these?
    Is the colour like a dark purple?
    How practical is the bag for daily use?
    I would really appreciate your views:biggrin:
  2. I would say that yes, it is a dark purple. It is a great bag, fit for everyday use. A sturdy design that should last a long time xx
  3. Hi ILOVEMULBERRY73, I have a RN mitzy messenger -it is not as dark as the purple shimmy was, more like the colour of ribena -rich berry purple. As IWANB has said, the leather is very sturdy and is very practical for everyday use. The bag is gorgeous, I far prefer the colour to the pebbled oak colour.
  4. The RN colour is lovely from what I've seen but I have an oak one, so I can't comment too much on the RN colour.
    But the bag itself is roomy, and tough, won't get damaged in the rain and the strap can be shortened to wear on the shoulder as well as a messenger. Great bag!
  5. I have RN Mitzy too and it isnt the deep purple of the bays - ribena is the perfect description- lovely with black greys navy etc- fab bag that gets lots of compliments - much more than oak and black
  6. Me! Me! I've got one too. Ribena really is a fantastic description and I find it goes with loads of things. Like Elvis my RN messenger has had loads of compliments too. The leather is really nice and has been in the rain with no probs at all. Would definitely recommend this as an everyday bag!
  7. yes it is the best in the rain- even a downpour will darken and then go back as good as new to original colour!!
  8. its a beautiful bag! Practical too!