Your valuable opinion will be helpful

  1. I am planning to buy a shoulder bag but am a bit confused --a christine or a trim 11 ,any opinion will be helpful .TIA
  2. I don't know anything about the Christine, do you have a photo? I love the trims but again I don't know anything about them, doesn't the trim 11 have a gusset? Do you like the evelyne? That is similar to the trim and from what I've seen in the stores, it seems to be widely available in a variety of colours and leathers so you might get exactly the colour/leather and size you want. It seem very popular with the ladies here on tPF.
  3. I have no experience with the Christine but I do have the Trim II and I LOVE it as a casual shoulderbag. I use mine all the time on week-ends!!!!
  4. I like the berlingot and am try to get 1.
  5. I have a Christine and think it is a great bag. It isn't my everyday bag (I use my Kelly) I use it when I travel. It is very easy to get in and out of, has a lot of room inside, and hold all of my travel gear without looking bulky. This is a hard bag to find though, your best chance to find one would probably be at the Paris mothership. As I am still without my camera, I am attaching a link to my thread when I first got the bag. There are some pictures in the thread as well as bag measurements.
  6. i absolutely love the christine!!
    but these are 2 very different bags, so maybe describe your style a bit to help... one is more icon (think jackie o.) and one is more anonymous.
    both bags are shoulder bags - i've seen the christine worn as a high messenger too.
    a trim does for a casual look what a kelly does for a more formal look, takes it up a notch.
    a christine i think blends more into a personal style and might compliment that but won't elevate or supplant it. i like my purses to be secondary to my own style or look.
  7. I have a Trim and love it. Classic, Iconic Hermes, practical, lightweight, easy access.