Your Valentino in Action!

  1. Love it!!!
  2. Depends how you look at what I do; PM me if you're really curious. Glad you like my scenic V pics :smile:

    No question this is my priciest bag now owned 16 months used often still TDF. Roomy yet light as air. My favorite.


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  3. Well protected by personal bodyguard in Grove Park Inn hotel in Ashville.
  4. Enjoy your vacay with your DH bodyguard!

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  5. Cute!! I love that bag for travel :biggrin:
  6. Who is cute? My bag or best bodyguard love can buy:smile::smile:?
    This bag is so great to travel, but now it is loosing shape. Thanks God I have another 50 bags to choose from:p.
  7. Oooooooh. Love the grey flowers!
  8. [​IMG]

  9. Gorgeous!!!! I always look at your blog:p:p. Post more! Love it!
  10. Wonderful! Love the combo & the background; you look gorgeous.

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  11. Amazing photos!
  12. Tanya, we need your modeling pictures here, girl! With your amazing taste, body and face you can open your own Tanyavogue.
  13. Oh my god.... I love u!!!! U r too sweet!!! I am a SAHM so my outfits are super Casual n comfy!!! I have to have a great bag though...
  14. I guess feelings are mutual! I love you too! I would not call your outfit SAHM casual by all means unless you live in designer district house:biggrin::biggrin:. Or trying to win the best dress SAHM. In this case, you are a winner!
  15. Lol... That night my friends took me out to dinner for my birthday... I was so excited cuz I got to use my new clutch!!!