Your Valentino in Action!

  1. thanks so much!! you're so sweet!!!
  2. Waiting for my husband to come out of the fitting room
  3. So adorable!
  4. Happy hour last night
  5. My yellow Fleur attending Daffodil Days in Bristol, RI. Beautiful yellow kayak planted with daffodils.

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  6. This picture belongs to Modern Art Magazine!
  7. Awwwww, you are too kind! Glad you like it.

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  8. Beautiful Fleur! You and mga13 with your cute yellow bags... I need a spring bag too, but I have been too naughty with the Valentino shoes recently... :p
  9. Thanks!! Totally hear you on the shoes; I go back and forth :cool:
  10. Being very naughty at Shooz in Vegas-bought 4 pairs (not the pink and blue wedges though)

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  11. I see even in Las Vegas you can not get away from a red leather ottoman. Red, Valentino, beautiful girl, great taste in shoes did not change traveling from one city to another. Have a great time and keep shopping!
  12. LOL Mithril, look at all those shoes! Love the cowgirl boots.
  13. First evening bag at Eagles concert which was awesome!

    Second by the rose petal baths in front of Tao nightclub at the Venetian in Vegas.

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    image-3196355661.jpg image-4285046929.jpg
  14. Fun and fabulous!!!