Your Valentino in Action!

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  1. Waiting at home patiently to go out for the day!
  2. image-1857690884.png

    Christmas eve dinner
  3. First day on the job :smile:
    (the bag, not me ;))

    (always a hint of nascar somewhere in my world. those are lugnuts i got at the last race, from 2 nascar champions - Brad Keselowski and Kurt Busch :biggrin: Nearly had to beg for them!)
    work1.JPG work2.JPG work3.JPG
  4. ^^ yay! Gorgeous!!
  5. Out to lunch
  6. Great thread! :biggrin:

    Not really 'action pics', but here's me wearing my Rockstud dome:



  7. Very chic! Love your looks!
  8. The clutch is very pretty!! Love it!!
  9. Thanks Mithril (love your name btw!) :smile:
  10. Wow, Calisnoopy you have such nice Valentino items ;)