Your updated collection please

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  1. Hi Purselovers,

    I know several of you have been really good in trimming down your collection. I have not yet achieved my target number but decided to close my shop.
    Eager to see your updated bag collection. I'll start with my list :smile:

    1. Michael Kors Hamilton
    2. Tory Burch
    3. MK Large Cindy in Fushia, blossom, Blue, Blush and Watermelon


    4. Swagger Carryall in Chalk and Periwinkle
    5. Swagger 27 in Beachwood, cornflower, chalk, rainbow,azure
    6. Dakota in Chalk,Fushia, yellow and peach.
    7. Rhyder Small.
    8. Gramercy in Gold Studs, Oxblood and plain chalk.
  2. At first glance, I thought you had trimmed down to 8 bags! Then I realized there are multiple colors! I think you are still doing better than me.
  3. lol ! I wish I had 8. I have 22 :sad:.. I'd be happy with 12 or even 15. I am at a point where I am finding it difficult to part anymore. I'd love your suggestions and inputs to trim it down
  4. Do you use each bag in each color enough to justify keeping it? That is a question only you can answer. If you have a bag that you absolutely love the color, but only use it very sporatically because it doesn't go with most of your clothing, put it away and a couple of months from now, if you haven't gone and gotten it out to use, or even missed it, you can probably do without it.

    I, along with many on here, had lots of bags just because they were cute or colorful, but not necessarily practical and they were more eye candy than actually useful items. Having a lot of bags started making me 'uncomfortable' for lack of a better word. Instead of being lots of 'pretties' to look at, it started making me 'anxious' because of all the clutter caused by the bags that I wasn't using. That's when I found out that 30 was not a good amount of bags for me, but 10 -15 was an amount that was comfortable for me. A few on here have even gone down to 3-5 bags.

    I am now down to 14 bags and am considering getting rid of one of those because it's not getting used much anymore.

    I now have:


    East / west duffles - Cognac, deep port and black.
    Dakotah - Suede saddle, small original black, pebbled saddle
    Carrie - The FP original - textured raspberry
    Kelsey - Brown zebra stripe (the only fabric bag I own)
    Sophia - FP version in woven black leather


    Frye - Melissa satchel - dark brown and cognac
    Minkoff - Morning After in brown whipstitch
    Minkoff - Fiona brown suede fringe
    Kors - Megan in electric blue
  5. Hi Suzanne,
    That's is exactly how i ended up with so many - eye candies. Great question on whether i use them. No, most of my bags are still in their original package.. don't know why. I keep saving them for occasions that does seem to come by. I have been using just a few of my swaggers in rotation and they are my go to because of easy of access and the size and design. I simply can't seem to let the other bags go :sad:. . I am glad i shared and happy to get your inputs. If I could just get rid of one color in each style, i'd be a much better place.
  6. If you never use them, I think eventually you will be able to let them go. I was the same way at one time too.

    It seems like the swagger is a perfect style for you since it's your go to bag, those are definitely worth keeping. The east / west duffles, the dakotahs and the Frye Melissa bags are my go to bags. The duffles and Dakotahs are the perfect size and shape for me and I love the Frye bags because they are made of such rugged leather that I don't have to worry about scratching them because they are supposed to look beat up. :P
  7. I have managed to trim down from 44 bags to 27 in past 6 months. My goal is under 20 but ugh there's sooo many pretties I want!
  8. If most of the bags are still in their original package, I'd try selling them. I have more than you do right now, actually; but since I rotate my outfits constantly, they all get used-so it's hard for me to delete some. Good luck!!
  9. I think we need family pictures in this thread!!
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    I'm just going to list my updated Coach collection or else there would be too much to list. :sweatdrop:
    I'm happy with the amount of Coach bags I have. I am actually looking to trim down maybe 4 more from this list. And hopefullly add a Rogue in June. Also not including those tiny Coach x Peanuts crossbodies or clutches...

    - Madison Audrey in black (may give this to my sil)
    - E/W duffle in deep port
    - Crosby satchel in violet
    - Soft Borough with grommets in tan
    - Small whipstitched Dakotah in black
    - Dakotah with fringe in red currant
    - Brooklyn messenger in Olive
    - Anna Sui Dragonfly duffle
    - Small toaster in ecru
    - Legacy duflel in sand
    - Legacy Archival Zip top satchel in sunflower and cherry
    - Floral applique Dinky
    - Glovetan saddle bag in Bordeaux
    - Bennett satchel in black
  11. I have been slowly trimming the fat this year since I was starting to become a bit of a hoarder. I still am in the process of liquidating, and some of these are on the chopping block, but this is currently where I'm at.
    Black grommet borough
    Patchwork Borough
    Vachetta Caroline
    Marine, Robin, and salmon caning Romy
    Large Legacy Emerald Duffle
    Periwinkle Swagger
    Navy Croc Prince St.
    Grey Brooklyn
    Alpine Large Borough
    Cobalt Carrie
    Croc Legacy Harper
    Red Currant Gramercy
    Purple iris saffiano Borough
    Lizard Andie
    Studded Saddle Legacy Duffle
    Pinnacle Croc Bleecker Carryall
    Colorblock Rhyder
    python Crosby
    Python round Kristin

    Non Coach:
    Chanel Black Caviar jumbo single flap
    Chanel violet reissue 227 flap
    Celine indigo small belt bag
    Celine cobalt mini luggage
    Celine tri-color trapeze
    Ferragamo Burgundy Large Fiamma
    Ferragamo bisque Fiamma satchel
  12. Taking them from 44 to 27, nice job! :tup:

    In your case, it doesn't seem like you need to get rid of any....your collection is getting used and not just sitting there like a trophy. :P

    You have a well rounded variety of bags. :smile:

    I can understand that! 'Collecting' can so easily turn into 'hoarding'. :shame:
  13. As for Coach bags i own two.

    A remake of the maddison satchel in British tan and a true red Edie 28. I have a few wristlets(including a Peanuts LTD woodstock) and wallets, card holders, fobs etc
  14. I have quit buying, but I haven't parted with any either. I don't plan to. I love them all, even if some are more collector's items than bags to carry. There are four I've not yet carried.
    I'm hesitant to list them all-it's an extensive list. I'd get a wicked typer's cramp. Haha.
    I own bags from Coach,MMK, Kate Spade, MBMJ, Chloé, and Gucci.
    I will admit...I'm a bag hoarder.
  15. My entire handbag collection after downsizing from 22 LV handbags!! I can say I am content with my current collection and am on band island unless a really good deal comes around (snagged a True red nomad from Macy's yesterday for $259!). [​IMG]

    From the top (L):

    Coach MFF Spring '15 Hologram Tote
    LV Emilie Wallet - Rose Ballerine
    LV Evasion Mini Pochette - Monogram
    Coach Dinky - Pistachio
    (In the bag) LV Toiletry Pouch 26
    Coach Rogue in Suede
    Coach Whiplash Saddle (Defringed) - Oxblood
    Coach Rogue in Hay/Ostrich
    Hermes scarf in box
    Coach Ace Satchel Cornflower
    LV Speedy Bandouliere 30 - Damier Ebene
    Coach Rogue in Mineral

    From the top (R)
    Coach 1941 Saddle 35 - Tabac/Carmine
    Coach 1941 Saddle 35 - Fog/Adobe
    Coach Tea Rose Applique Saddle 23
    Coach Saddle 23 - Dahlia/Oxblood
    Coach Saddle 23 - Beechwood/Ruse
    Coach Skinny Tote - Carmine/Beechwood
    LV Pochette Metis
    Michael Kors Medium colorblock Selma - Dusty rose