Your uniforms

  1. Are you always in jeans and a black tank? Are you always wearing polos? Do you wear sundresses constantly in the summer?

    I'm a dresses girl. I'm almost always in a dress when the weather's warm enough!
  2. jeans are the ultimate staple for me, im a guy and unless im goign to a formal event i will wear jeans with everything which is why i have 25 pairs
  3. i only and ever wear black or white or black and white (no abslotutely no exceptions) and most of the time a intensely coloured bag as it gives the right amount of terror to the outfit. :lol: (even though i also have black and white bags of course ;) )
  4. This summer I have started to wear only polos! I love them, I have them from light to dark colors! I am more of a skirt person, don't really like jeans, actually I don't own any!
  5. been there done that lol last summer! it was fun but i found the hceaper ones would stiffen after wash and became uncomefortable, so stick to good quality like ralph lauren
  6. Uniforms??? haha I stopped wearing my crested school blazer 5 years ago lol.

    For me, summer is all about shorts/capri's/tee's and flipflops, regardless of what i'm doing or where i'm going.
  7. slacks, blouse or polo shirt....
  8. Jeans and Petit bateau tshirts. I have at least 10 of them (and growing, I seem to come home with a new one every day)
  9. Jeans and flip-flops for me :biggrin:
  10. Sundresses all year round!!! With either flip flops or sandals...sometimes shorts, and for one month out of the year I get to wear jeans and cute cami's with more sandals...and during that month hoodies and sweats occasionally! (its kind of fun for a month!) then straight back to my dresses! Love them!
  11. Skirts and tanks ..with flip flops..My staple!
  12. I love sundresses and skirts. In the summer, I practically wear them to work every single day! I do love polos, jeans and flip flops though. So far I've bought 3 polos in the past month, I'm on my way to having every color of the rainbow and then some!
  13. I wear jeans and t-shirts during the fall and winter and alternate between jeans and my skirts for summer and spring. I always wear closed-toe shoes, open-toe shoes drive me nuts (though I don't mind the "peek-a-boo" ones where they're partially open).
  14. I'm with Perja- Bateau shirts and COH or Seven Jeans. And ballet flats. FYI- Petit Bateau is about 5 times cheaper in France- if you go on vacation, bring an extra suitcase:smile:
  15. sundresses all summer!
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